Friday, July 27, 2012

Uh oh my female-ness is showing...

For several months now I've been looking for a purse. Not an easy task for me because the wrong one will drive me crazy.

I've discovered some things about me and purses and about purses.

Some purses I like are obviously too impractical for my abusive use. Like this one:

There is something called a kiss lock and I like it on a purse.

I'm not willing to spend more than forty dollars on a purse, if that much. I might go fifty if it was perfect in every way and I loved it.

At $11,990. this purse costs more than my car and is definitely not for me:

In keeping with my fairies of late, I'd carry this one for sure if it didn't cost

I also love vintage purses. Here's a cute one except it isn't big enough and I think the chain strap would make me nuts:

My mom says that some of the brand name purses are so well made that they would last for 30 years.

Yeah - not a selling point for me. Who wants to carry the same purse for 30 years?

Whoops - maybe you do. If so, that's okay. Fess us - do you want the same purse for years or do you enjoy a more frequent change up?

I'm going to keep looking. I know the perfect purse is right around the corner!

(All pics were taken from bing images and made into thumbnails for legal purposes.)


  1. Ha! I will gladly carry the same purse for years. I hate switching back and forth. As long as it holds up, and doesn't start looking too shabby, I'm good with the same ol', same ol'. (My husband says this bodes well for his future with me.)

    1. Huh well I've gone through 3 husbands and I have trouble being happy with purses.
      If we didn't have Barb's comment below to add to the mix, I'd say we could have had a theory in the making.

  2. Oh, I can totally obsess about purses. I shop obsessively for a new one about once a year, and then I carry it for about a year or two (and completely wear it out). It takes forever to find one with just the right arrangement of pockets, strap length, etc. But I do usually have two-- one dark for winter and one straw or fabric for summer. I cannot possibly imagine how any purse, no matter how well made, could stand up to the abuse I put them through for more than a year. So why pay $350? I usually find great bargains at the clearance sales at department stores. Have also had good luck at eBags when they are having a sale.

    1. Currently I seem to be fixated on a purse I like that stands up well enough to sit on the floor beside me when need be.
      Although - fung shui people say never put your purse on the floor. It will negatively effect your cash flow.
      I'm going to check out ebags - thanks.

  3. I am currently in a purse crisis. How timely of you, Judy, to post this for me. ;)

    Mine change with more than the seasons. The one I LOVED more than life itself is now the one I can't stand. So I drag my wallet around in my hand, make Dan hold my phone, and we try not to drop the camera. All the while I'm wishing I had that (insert important item we can't live without here).....

    Never knew that was what the clasp was called, but I've always been a fan of the style. It's so SECURE feeling, and sounding.

    1. Yep - I like the little snap when it closes as well.

  4. I like to have a variety so I can just pick what I'm in the mood for. Changing purses isn't a problem cause I just move my purse organizer from one to the other. (Now shopping for a purse organizer... there I was obsessive!)

    1. I thought about doing that. What kind of organizer did you settle on?