Friday, August 3, 2012

Pro Gay; Anti-Chic Fil A; Poetry; Crown Cinquain

Goodness 0, Evil 1

This is a crown cinquain written by WIP novel character, Mimi Crows Berkhorn. (A crown cinquain is "a sequence of five cinquain stanzas functioning to construct one larger poem.")

It's entitled Wrong Again and is from Mimi's journal - The Lies Have It. Remember in cinquain the title is sometimes used as the last line.

So you
stood in the line
with the other haters,
bought a holy chicken sandwich,

Why not
become Jewish?
Since you no longer stand
with the man you call son of god;

While you,
Cathy, Furman
and other holy-judgers
lined up to condemn gay people
and eat;

refused to stand
with the people stoning
a sinner. Follow Huckabee

waits for those who
choose hate-mongering men
over Jesus who loved all; gays
and straights.

Wrong Again

* I don't use the Jewish religion in a negative way here. In fact if someone wanted to embrace the Jewish religion so that they could freely condemn gay people without having to ignore the inconvenient teachings of Jesus, they would have to become Orthodox since other Jewish sects are genuinely tolerant and gay people can become Rabbis.
** Not that I myself believe gays are 'sinners'.
*** Asshole Dan Cathy is an evil CEO. Asshole Jim Furman is an evil CEO who may not even have any beliefs except the belief that he could profit greatly from a day endorsed by evil Asshole Mike Huckabee.
****I don't believe all CEO's are evil assholes. These two certainly are in this instance. I also don't believe all radio host / failed presidential candidates are evil assholes. This one is, though.


  1. Your work is deep and beautiful, and once more I am honoured to call you Friend.

  2. I thought you didn't know what I meant by that last paragraph? ;)

  3. Yet again, I'm over here in the choir singing Amen. I seem to do that a lot with my Betties!

  4. Will she send the poem to the Baddie along with a bag of dog poop? :-D

  5. Mimi's parents were cult-like figure new-agey poets. Mimi did not appreciate their followers. I don't know what Mimi will do with her poetry.
    She may be like a very great real life poet I know who hides. The real life poet I refer to will find a place to post and pick a new name periodically but as soon as google finds her or people start treating her like a guru she's gone like the wind. I used to be able to find her because she has a very, very unique voice but she was severely affected by hurricane Katrina and I can't spot her as easily now.

  6. Right On. I'm commenting about this (w)hole thing tomorrow on my blog. You do it far more eloquently.

    1. Thank you. I do well with a structure to fit into even though I fight structure tooth and nail.
      Looking forward to your take on things.