Friday, September 21, 2012


There are only so many hours in a day.

Did you know that's really true? Lately I've been experiencing that personally.

On top of all my other things, I started a new thing - going to the pool at 5am 3 or 4 mornings a week.

It's good but I just can't seem to get my writing scheduled around it. Or, at least that's the procrastination reason I'm using right now.

I've read 4 really good books lately. I have blogposts planned talking about them, but I'm not finding the time. And one of them involves grandkids stuff and a picture I can't seem to get taken.

And I feel very disconnected from my writing group because I'm not writing. I keep going there. I keep chatting. I still love the group and all my writers.

So I've made a decision:

I'm going on a blogcation.

I will return on Tuesday Oct 2, 2012.

Hopefully I'll be more centered. More focused. More like a writer.

Meanwhile enjoy this piece of art my granddaughter recently created as an assignment from one of her online high school classes:

And these mums because, you know, it's fall!!!

I'll still be around pestering you with my comments on your blogs. Then I'll meet you back here next month.

As you leave could you let me know - what tricks work for you to get you moving when you're procrastinating?


  1. Enjoy your blogcation. They're nice to take every once in a while. :)

    Also, your granddaughter is clearly gifted. And I'm no good at tricking myself into anything, so the best solution for me is a good swift kick in the pants. Self-administered, of course.

  2. I usually procrastinate until it's too painful/has too many bad consequences to procrastinate any longer. Then I give in and do it. Why do I enforce pain in my life? Who knows. Definitely something to work on.

    Beautiful work by your granddaughter! Very talented.

    Enjoy your blogcation!

  3. Enjoy your blogcation!!

    When the house is so clean I wouldn't mind a TV crew filming "News @ 5:00" I know it is time to stop dinking around and put my butt in the chair, hands on keys. When I've assumed the position and the hands refuse to start doing their job, Write or Die is a helpful program.

    Love the art work. Very beautiful.

  4. I've done this, too, except I usually disappear entirely. It works to clear your head sometimes. I'm also a terrible procrastinator (in fact, I'm doing it right now this very second), so I have no advice for you about that. :-) Enjoy, and see you in October!

  5. Love your granddaughter's art!

    Enjoy your blogcation. You deserve a break. May you find it refreshing! :)

  6. What is this thing you speak of? NOT blogging?! Hmmm.....

    On the other hand, you won't be GONE gone, so that's reassuring. Also, POOL TIME !!!

    Gorgeous images, thank you for sharing them.

  7. Love the art!

    Good for you--I can never manage to take a break, cause I just have a constant need to blab what's on my mind. But I've considered it before.

    Happy breaking!