Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A scare but not the good kind

Since last Friday, I had a slight scare -

but not the good Halloween kind.
No, this one involved going somewhere scary but not a fun scary place like -
a haunted house. No, this scare involved a different scary place, the hospital.

I assure you, everyone is okay. My mom had an episode of very high, irregular heartrate. It came back down. Her doctor knows why it happened and assures us her cardiologist can cure or control it.

So while it involved  -
it did not involve -
So now all is well. Her heartrate is  -
regular and normal. All the relatives have gone home. The phone calls have slowed down.
And, I'll be back with a regular blogpost on Friday, barring any further complications.
Until then:


  1. Oh, my goodness! That is not a good kind of scare at all. Glad your mom is okay!

  2. Glad your mom and you are okay.

  3. Happy to hear that while you had a scare, everything is now being taken care of. hope your mom continues to do well. I hate those scares that bump you awake in the night. : )

  4. Oh, definitely not good scary. Glad your mom's okay. FGBVs for your nerves.

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes!

  6. Oh yes! I meant to say on the writing forum--fgbvs and all that. Glad it turned out to be controllable.

  7. WEBS, big love to the J3 fam.