Friday, October 26, 2012

Alabama Shakes; when it all comes together - for today anyway

I was sitting outside my granddaughters kickboxing class when I heard a song by a mesmerizing singer.

Brittany Howard; lead singer for the band - Alabama Shakes.

The song was Hold On.

I went looking and reading lyrics and listening to the music and I realized, that was my least favorite of their songs. Even though it's the most popular. Go figure.

Anywho - I found the theme song for Mimi, my protagonist in Black Windows, the modern gothic romance novel I'm working on.

It's this:

"I Ain't the Same"

I put 2 more songs on the soundtrack.

"Hang Loose"

And this:

"Going To the Party"

If you like their sound as much as I do - there's lots to check out on youtube before you commit to itunes or mp3.

For today, they're the featured artists on Black Windows soundtrack, adding to Florence and the Machine, Shawn Mullins and Josh Ritter.

What are you listening to lately?


  1. The dog. And the police scanner. You know me, so wild and crazy.


  2. Nice sound!

    Me? I listen to whatever's on the radio in car when I'm running my errands. I like it quiet when I write.

    1. I don't listen when I write, either. Well, sometimes I do really low so that it occupies my inner editor. Mostly I listen while I'm driving or swimming and thinking about my story.

  3. I'll have to listen at home tonight. Music to clean my room by.

  4. I dig it. I haven't been listening to anything new lately, so this is timely. :)

    1. This is a first. Me giving you music rather than vice versa. Glad you like them.