Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romance Women's Fiction Novel: Dolci di Love, Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch

Does anyone want to join some kind of secret league with me?

Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch is a sweet, wonderful book.

I cried. And laughed. And loved the characters and the story.

In the book, sisters Violeta and Fiorella form the Secret League of Widowed Darners. They darn holes in hearts, not socks. The widows average age appears to be 95 so when they execute their plots and manipulations, things usually go sideways.

I want to be in a secret league. Three-time divorcees? Amateur modern gothic novelists? What could be the source of our underground activities?

When forming the league, the sisters couldn't find the right patron saint, so they combine a couple of real ones into a fake saint - Santa Ana di Chisa. I could so get into that. My own fake patron saint.

The sisters used to live off of their famous biscotti but now they have troubles. They often burn them resulting in an oven fire. I do that now and I'm only 55 years old. Surely someone else will be doing the cooking when I'm in my nineties.

The heroine, Lily, travels to France to uncover the secret life of her husband of sixteen years. She rents a little car to drive.

"It was a Fiat 500 but 500 of what? she asked. She had never seen a car so small. It was the size of a sneaker." Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch
Lily has an 'accidental' meeting with the sisters and ends up renting a room from them.
"She smelled of daphne. It was not what Lily had expected from the look of her. In Lily's experience, which was admittedly limited, people this old did not generally smell this good." Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch

Daphne flower

Meanwhile - Lily's husband Daniel has a meeting of a different kind with a woman who helps him.

"She remembered a day from a darker part of her past when she had abandoned her little boys at home untended...She'd have left them forever, she thought, if not for Mrs. McArthur's sage advice that sometimes getting to the end of the day without killing anyone was as good as it got--but that was still pretty good." Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch

Sarah-Kate Lynch has one of those voices that is a pleasure to read. As with some other writers I know, it's not so easy to pull quotes from her book, though.

This book has the absolutely most perfect happily ever-after which is appropriate and heart-warming and which makes it okay that I cried many times with the heroine.

According to her website, Lynch has several other books and I will definitely be reading those.

What about you? Do you have a sweet tooth for sweet books?


  1. You know, I generally don't like sweet books, but your previews of this one have won me over. I might have to check this one out. I love the idea of a romance novel with older people.

    1. The old people aren't in the romance - they're engineering it. But they are still major characters and a strong voice in the book.

  2. I do have an occasional craving for sweet books. They go so well with a cup of tea. :)

    1. Linda - I just finished another of her books - Blessed are the cheesemakers. Still sweet, though a little less so - and very good.

  3. I like sweet books. Sometimes the anxiety gets in the way of my reading any books with any kind of suspense to them, so sweet, soft books get me through.

    1. I'm worried because there is some sadness to work through. If you get anxious, skip to the epilogue so you'll know it will all work out.

  4. I love this quote: "sometimes getting to the end of the day without killing anyone was as good as it got--but that was still pretty good."

    I like an occasional sweet book.

    "I want to be in a secret league. Three-time divorcees?"
    Okay - But DH will not be please when I tell him I want a divorce. I always say I'm working on my 3rd divorce. Will that count?

    1. Judie - I had a neighbor who told me something similar when I was about to go down for the third time after too long a time of no adult contact when my kids were little.
      Hey - we could just be the Secret League of Women Who Divorce More Than Once. We could make up our own patron saint. I'm such a silly atheist because I love that idea.

  5. The sweet books are not normally my thing, but this sounds lovely. :)

    (I'll leave the divorced ladies league to you and Judie. Hey! Maybe you can form a league of divorced women named Judy/Judie. ;) )

    1. lol divorced women named Judy/Judie wonder how many of us there are?
      And why does it not surprise me that you don't like sweet books considering that you write books and stories that I enjoy even as they send a chill down my spine?