Tuesday, October 30, 2012

wind turbines, heckling, scary settings, NANOWRIMO

This week I've been doing some writing stuff. Working on my goal - motivation - conflict for act one of Black Windows. Also, tweaked the story a bit. Now it seems really workable and I've started doing research.

It's funny the things you have to research when you write a fiction novel. I'm looking for a setting. It's a gothic so it needs to have scare potential. At the same time, the laws of the state have to be a certain way regarding 2 subjects, rape and wind turbines.

Can you see the potential of this as a scary presence at night time?

Anywho - it's going to be in Texas. It will take place partly in South Armadillo which will be modeled after San Antonio. The all-important house (at least all important for gothics) will be remote and closest to a fictional very small town 45 minutes or so from SA called Doomed, TX.

Now I have to figure out how close you can legally live to a field of these. Do people live on these wind farms?

Of course, the most fun part of my research is - poetry slams. I'm going to have to find some close and go to them. Isn't that tragic? What's really cool is there is something called Puroslam in San Antonio. It has a fascinating history and even specialized heckling.


In other news - lots of my writerly friends are gearing up for NANOWRIMO which happens every November. I myself am not participating as I have been working on this material and it is not new. But I'm still doing my part.

I have created a special version of willwriteforchocolate for November 2012 that is meant to be helpful to all writers with avenues to the chocolate that are especially good for those choosing to do Nano-ing. Go to the WWFC homepage for details.

If you haven't joined us before - we welcome you.


I want to do a blogpost about Beth Ciotta's Evie series. All three books in the triology were excellently funny. Other than that, I may be putting up personal posts for a while as I am getting deeply into Black Windows - my modern-gothic-romance-novel-work-in-progress.


What do you think of when you think of scary settings for books?


  1. Using Wind Turbines in a gothic: definitely modern and definitely piquing my interest.

    I think that scary settings in a book can do a lot to set the stage. Sometimes people go to cliche or too over the top. It's hard to hit that balance. Anna Stefano did a good job in her book Her Forgotten Betrayal. It was creepy and scary enough that I had to go read the end before I could finish reading the middle. I don't always do that with scary books: just when my anxiety level peaks while reading. :)

    I look forward to reading bits of yours.

  2. I like scary settings for books. The wind turbines is an awesome ides.