Friday, November 30, 2012

I am aware

Y'all, I know it's Friday and I'm supposed to have a new post up but it's just not happening right now.


New post Tuesday unless I get inspired before then.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Food for thought

I'm still shell-shocked.

I found this on facebook and thought I would offer it up while I gather my thoughts. I will post a real post on Friday, as usual.

In my humble opinion, it's their turn.

Friday, November 23, 2012

A cup of sorrow

Right: Eric Jennings
Middle: Friend Scott
Left: Brandon Jennings 11/18/1986 to 11/23/2012 My nephew - Gone but not forgotten.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cinquain for thanks

Good food
my fa-mi-ly
together and happy
(we miss you Tony and Wayne)
thanks life.

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my friends in the USA who celebrate Thanksgiving, and to all my friends everywhere who don't - Hope today finds you at peace and content.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I watched the most lovely movie tonight:

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Someone I trusted, I thought it was Robena but I couldn't find a post on her blog talking about it, recommended the movie, and I immediately put it in my netflix queue. That was some time ago and it has finally been released for renting.

I am so glad I did that.

It's about several retirees who move to India as a cheaper way to retire. It was filmed in India. The scenery is beautiful, colorful. The noise in the streets and the sunlight are indeed exotic.

I also loved the music. I've checked and I can put the soundtrack on my ipod. I plan to do that because it would be perfect to write to when I need to distract my internal editor; no words to make me lose my focus, yet very diversely, emotionally, evocative music.

Not pictured in the poster is Celia Imrie:
She also has a major role in the movie. (You might remember her from another great movie - Calendar Girls.)
If you want to see a visually, emotionally stimulating movie with a compelling script, a wonderful cast and a stirring soundtrack - I urge you to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
I loved it.
And, until you get to see it - let me be the one to remind you -
"It will be okay in the end. And, if it's not okay; it's not the end."
The movie was based on the novel, These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach.
As I write this, here is what I look up at on the shelf above my monitor:
If you read my blog very often you may remember, Thanksgiving is the time of year that Alfonso cross-dresses in his lovely pink blooms. For some reason he has only bloomed on one side this year, but he's stunning, nonetheless.
UPDATED to add:
While I was commenting elsewhere I think I figured out why he's only bloomed on one side.
He's bloomed on the side of a plant named La Diabla, whom he likes, because all his stamens look like lots of erect penises.
On the other side is Gladys, who doesn't like his lothario ways and rejects all the love babies he tries to drop in her pot. So he isn't bloomed toward Gladys.
What's moving you to bloom lately?

Friday, November 16, 2012

My spider friend

comes out only
for me who won’t kill him
scampers across the cold floor, stops
to bond.

Intelligent Life

I wrote that cinquain after my nightly visit from a spider recently. A couple of days later my mom stayed up un-characteristically late. The spider came out for his visit. And she stomped it.

I felt sad but then next night, out came his sister. Mom doesn’t know about her yet and I won’t be telling.

The whole thing made me think about the effect fear has on people.

My dad never saw a spider or snake that scared him. He would trap them and relocate them for my mom’s sake. He taught us the value of snakes, especially the snakes who kill the poisonous snakes and keep the rodent population down.


For my mom the only good spider is a dead spider, the only good snake is a dead snake.

My dad was raised by country people who weren’t afraid of anything much. His world was poverty but not debilitating poverty because his dad was a sharecropper who also raised livestock. And his mom was well versed in the arts of preserving food. They always had food. They frequently fed others. Back in a day when women didn’t work much outside the home, there were several boys in the family to work and to bring home money.

My mom was raised by her mom who was a small town girl, afraid of everything. Mom's dad was mostly absent and when he was around it wasn’t pretty. There were 7 girls and only one boy and very little food.

My father had a way of knowing the world was a safe place for him. (It would have been different if he wasn’t a straight, white male, but that’s a whole nother story.)

My mother is still certain the world is not safe and mostly out to get her.

If my dad had seen the spider he would have said – “It won’t hurt you. It’s just an old wood spider.”

My mom stomped it.


It makes you see everything as a threat that must be annihilated.

I have some of both my parents in me. Having seen the little box my mother’s fears keep her in, I try to follow my father and make decisions believing the world is a safe place.

Not sure how successful I am.

What about you? Do you tend to be led by fear of the world or confidence in it?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's have some fun

I'm not a big television fan but there are a couple of shows I like. One of them is the new Hawaii Five O. I like it for several reasons, not the least of which is:

Alex O'Loughlin who plays commander Steve McGarrett. As I watched the show tonight, I had a thought and it has really stuck with me. There's another role Alex O'Louglin would be perfect for:

James Bond.

I know that there are some of you out there, (Linda Grimes), throwing popcorn at my blog on your computer screen right now because you like the current James Bond*:

and so do I.

*btw just as an innocent sidebar, do you think the size of that gun is any indication of the size of other things?

I love Daniel Craig as James Bond and, as long as Linda will keep letting him out of her basement long enough to make movies, he should still be 007, but let's visit reality; he's going to get tired of the role eventually and I think we should start floating the notion now - Alex O'Loughlin  - the next James Bond.

Compare this:

to this:
And I really think he measures up in other comparisons, too.
George Lazenby as Bond:
Timothy Dalton as Bond:
Handsome, shaken-not-stirred, Pierce Brosnan as Bond:

And, my personal favorite - Roger Moore as Bond:
Imagine this man
whispering naughty things in your ear using this accent:

It's enough to make this woman's nether regions all tingly.
So agree with me ladies, let's start a movement, Alex O'Loughlin as the next James Bond. When Mr. Craig is through, of course, because - yum.
Which is your favorite Bond?
(Oh and I know I've left out a Bond. That's because he is guilty of conduct unbecoming a Bond, IMHO. YMMV and if you want to vote for him, I promise not to hold it against you. I was never attracted to him to start with and after witnessing this:
 he repulses me. I think it's bizarre how Walters sort-of defends him afterwards.)
Has anyone seen Skyfall yet?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Brats and cats and butterflies

I wrote on my wip days 1 through 6 of November. Then I didn't write on the 7th. I was determined to get back on track the 8th but it's not going to happen.

I'm at work and I NEED to focus instead on getting requests turned in for paid time off because if I don't take it by 12/31 I lose it, and the calendar of availability is rapidly filling up. And that's important. At least, for me it is.

So I'm going to give you a little chunk of my wip as a blog today.

Here's hoping you enjoy it:
Mimi woke up to a twin on each side of her bed. “Get up, get up, get up.” They were chanting and jumping up and down. Mimi looked at the clock by her bed. Eight o’clock.

“Remind me, what’s my hurry? Why am I getting up?”

“Today’s the day you’re going to see Uncle Donovan, silly,” Addie said.

Mimi groaned. “Oh, yeah.” She threw her covers off and sat up, draping her legs over the side of the bed where the little girl stood.

“Listen sweetie, I don’t want you to get your hopes up. I’m going to go talk to him but I’m not sure he’s the answer to your problems. If it seems like he’s not going to step up and care for you and make sure the bad man can’t hurt you, we’ll figure something else out. I want you to remember that. Everything is going to be okay.”

Avery snorted. “Yeah, right. If Uncle Donovan doesn’t want us, we don’t have anyone else.”

“Avery shut up,” Addie said. “We have Mimi, don’t we Mimi? If Uncle Donovan doesn’t want us we can stay with you, can’t we?”

Mimi reached out and stroked the little girl’s hair. “I’m not sure, sweetie. I don’t think we’d be safe staying here in this apartment. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Addie and Avery exchanged a look. “Bridge?” Addie asked. “What bridge?”

“Never mind the bridge. It was an idiom,” she put a finger over Addie’s mouth, “and I don’t have time to explain what an idiom is. I just meant we’ll figure something out if we have to. Okay?”

They both nodded solemnly.

“Now hop out of here so I can get dressed.”

They turned and started hopping towards the door.

“Oh very funny. Did you two eat breakfast?”

Two heads shook.

“Let’s have cereal, then. Fix mine for me but don’t pour the milk until I get there.”

Addie turned in the doorway and stared. She started twice to say something and stopped herself.

“What?” Mimi asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Should you get dressed before you eat?” Addie asked.

“Oh yeah,” Avery said. “You don’t want to go see Uncle Donovan with milk stains. What are you going to wear anyway?”

Mimi stood looking at them for a minute, mouth agape. She closed her mouth and put her hands on her hips. “Why you little meanies. I can eat a bowl of cereal without spilling it on me. And I know how to dress for a meeting with your annoying uncle.”

They looked at each other, shook their heads and went to kitchen.

Seriously, those two, Mimi thought. Listening to them one would think she was a socially inept klutz. On the other hand, what should she wear? Something conservative, right? She dug through her closet. She pulled out a pair of khaki pants. Further down the rod she found a beige blouse with half sleeves and a little square collar. It was long so she didn’t tuck it into the khaki pants. She did button all the way up to her chin, though. She brushed her blond hair out and pulled it back into a ponytail. When she looked in the mirror she looked sensible and conservative. That seemed like the impression she wanted to make.

She headed for the kitchen. When she walked in the door both twins paused their enthusiastic munching of cereal to see how she looked. They both rolled their eyes.

“Are you trying to bore your way into his office?” Avery asked.

“And then bore him with your boringness until he’s snoring too loud to hear you?” Addie asked.

“While I appreciate that you are very wise for ten year olds…”

“Eleven year olds,” Avery interrupted.

“I stand corrected, eleven year olds; still I think I might know more than you what is needed for this encounter. I want your uncle to believe me and he’s more likely to do that if he thinks I’m mature and responsible.” She turned her back on them to make coffee. She sliced a banana and poured milk on top of her cereal. She could hear them whispering behind her. She took her bowl and went to the table. They jumped up as she sat down.

“Be right back,” Avery said.

Mimi shook her head and started eating. The little brats were right about one thing, though. She would have to eat carefully or she’d be wearing her breakfast and that would not make a good impression.

She slowly spooned each bite up to her mouth. She had managed to get through the whole bowl without spilling a drop. Now for coffee. She stood up and went to pour a cup of coffee. She was spooning in sugar when the twins came back in the room.

They immediately began arguing.

“I want more cereal,” Addie said, picking up the box.

“No, I want more cereal,” Avery said, yanking the box away from her.

That went on for two or three rounds before Mimi lifted the box away from them. “Get your bowls,” she gritted out between her teeth. “There’s plenty of cereal for both of you.” She poured cereal in each bowl.

Avery picked up the milk. Addie snatched it away. “Why do you get the milk first? I want it.”

“I had it already,” Avery said, snatching it back. They started pulling the milk jug back and forth.

“Knock it off you’re going to spi…” somehow the milk escaped both of their hands and tumbled to the floor, milk flowing all down Mimi’s pants on its way. Startled she eased her grip on her coffee cup and hot coffee dribbled down the front of her blouse.

Cold milk and hot coffee suddenly seeping through her clothes and onto her skin made Mimi gasp with shock. She carefully set her coffee cup down and glared at the twins. “Did you do that on purpose?”

“No,” Avery said.

"Yes," Addie said at the same time.

“Avery snorted. “Addie you weren’t supposed to tell her.”

“We just think things will go better with Uncle Donovan if you look pretty,” Addie said.
Her little eyes were pleading with Mimi to understand and not be mad.

Mimi shook her head and groaned.“I’m going to change. I don’t know what else I have that I can wear but…” she broke off when she reached the door of her room. They had laid out clothes and shoes for her.
Mimi was glad that her back was to them as she eyed the outfit. She grinned to herself. Black cardigan and skirt covered in butterflies, white, old-fashioned blouse with a butterfly brooch, hose with butterflies up the sides, black ballerina shoes with butterflies over the toes.

Mimi had worn the outfit at a poetry slam where she read several particularly strident, pro-feminist poems. She’d worn it as an over-the-top, soft feminine contrast to her poems.

She composed her face and turned to face the twins to tell them no. Before she could say anything, Addie said, “Mommy used to wear clothes like that,” her lip quivered a little.

“Dad and Uncle Donovan always told her she looked beautiful,” Avery added.

Mimi felt her heart pinch. “Okay fine. I’ll wear the outfit,” she said.

“Wear your hair down,” Addie said.

“I’m wearing my hair tucked into a black hat,” Mimi said.

“Okay but you have to wear some lipstick,” Addie said.

“What color?” Mimi asked sarcastically.

“Do you have pink?” Addie asked, equally sarcastic.

“Let’s leave her to get dressed, Addie,” Avery said.

As she stepped out of her apartment door the two little manipulators smiled big smiles, happy with the results of their efforts. Mimi locked the door behind her and turned to see Drew and Victoria about to go into their apartment.

Drew whistled. “Don’t you look pretty? Run out of clean hippie clothes?”

Victoria scowled.

There was a sound of two snorts from behind the door of Mimi’s apartment.

“What was that noise?” Victoria screeched.

“My cat,” Mimi said, heading for the front door.

“You don’t have a cat,” Drew said.

“I’m thinking of getting one,” Mimi stepped outside. “Have a nice day,” she said, her voice dripping insincerity.

“That girl is just plain weird,” she heard Victoria squawk as she closed the door.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Congratulations to the Obamas

Whether you support them or oppose them, and I confess, I support them, they have won a victory.

This is by far my favorite ever picture of them:

Of course, maybe that's because I am a romance novel reader and writer.

My second favorite picture of them is:

Next up: 2 terms with a woman as president...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Priority One - Go Vote! Blue, Red or Purple - Just Do It!

UPDATE: I done it, y'all. I VOTED! Your turn.
Today, in the United States of America, we elect a president.  

That’s an important task.
As I write this, I plan on heading to my voting place at 6 AM. That’s how important I think it is to vote.
Here are quotes, some serious, some not; that tell us wise people throughout history have considered voting crucially important:

“The ballot is stronger than bullets.” Joseph A. Schumpeter (also attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

"There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers." -Susan B. Anthony
"How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?" Author Unknown
(Hehehe - Couldn’t resist that one.) 

"Personally, I believe that our American system works as long as you participate in it. You must vote and make your voice heard. Otherwise you will be left out." Mari-Luci Jaramillo 

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.” Larry J. Sabato
"I think it's about time we voted for senators with breasts. After all, we've been voting for boobs long enough." Clarie Sargent
(Again, that one was irresistible. Gave me a good laugh.) 

And finally:
“No matter who you are voting for, your country needs you to do it.” Rachel Maddow

If you haven’t voted – GO. Now. Without further ado.

If you have, relax. You deserve a piece of this:

But since I can't give you chocolate pie to eat - I'll give you something for your other senses instead.

Feast your eyes on this:

You're welcome.

Friday, November 2, 2012

pumpkin guts (not so much guts as smoke and noise) and chocolate winners

I'm late getting this up because I'm a lame-o, late-o this week.

Actually, that's only partially true.

I've been procrastinating on this post because something is happening and I want a good pic to post. Instead of waiting any longer, I'm going to tell you about it and edit in a pic when it's available.

Before pics;

KAT'S jack o' lantern

Awesome huh?

JAY'S jack o' lantern

My future son-in-law is starting a new post Halloween tradition with my gkids (his future niece and nephew; do you follow me?).

Guts didn't go everywhere but there was a loud explosion, lots of smoke, black lava-like stuff pouring out and a visit from homeland security (just kidding). Here's the video:

THE EXPLODING OF THE PUMPKINS / JACK O' LANTERNS. Should be fun for all and make a pretty, messy, orange-y picture.  UPDATE: not much guts but lots of smoke  and noise.

After pics:


I'm lame-o, late-o because I need to figure out who won the chocolate in October and post it. I'm going to do that next and edit that info in later, too.

Editted to add: Zeba C won the word count prize!!!

And I won the comment prize. That's right. Yours truly. JJJ. I love the comment prize because I get to play with the number generator. Don't you love computer generators? I like to have a reason to play with the number one or the name one.

The comment prize is suspended for November in favor of a prize better suited to be helpful for our nanowrimo-ers. Check it out.


On the pat-me-on-the-back side, I wrote some on my wip yesterday. So day one of November I put up a word count. Even though I'm not nanowrimo-ing this year, my goal is to write some everyday.

Whether you are participating in nanowrimo or just writing on a current work in progress, check out the special November willwriteforchocolate. I think it will prove to be fun and motivating. Join us if you are a writer.


Since we will be having exploding pumpkins, I'm going to leave you with my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song:

Bullet With Butterfly Wings - aka - Despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage


Okay I'm heading off to hopefully be less lame and less late.

What are you up to this weekend?