Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Food for thought

I'm still shell-shocked.

I found this on facebook and thought I would offer it up while I gather my thoughts. I will post a real post on Friday, as usual.

In my humble opinion, it's their turn.


  1. It's definitely their turn. In spades. Or rather, in Manolos. ;)

    Hey, kid, hope you are doing okay. You'll probably be shell-shocked for a while. But we are here for you. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk or email or anything. I'm here for you.

    1. Thanks Skye. I may just do that. His young, 26 year old, life was taken away in an instant by a drunk driver. It's hard to assimilate.

  2. That looks like some kind of scary movie. Those poor guys walking around in such pain. Is this some kind of new torture?



    1. It's actually kind of awesome. They walked a mile in those shoes, I think, in a demonstration against domestic violence and violence against women.
      Does your lady friend wear high heels? If so you should try them sometime. It is torture. And if you took a pic of yourself doing it, we could all laugh - I mean watch the scary.

      PS I am not supposed to be reading right now. I'm supposed to be writing. But I couldn't resist starting 101 Things To Do Before The Apocalypse last night. Funny!

  3. What an outstandingly wonderful picture, thank you SO much for sharing it!

    Big love, from here to there.