Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's have some fun

I'm not a big television fan but there are a couple of shows I like. One of them is the new Hawaii Five O. I like it for several reasons, not the least of which is:

Alex O'Loughlin who plays commander Steve McGarrett. As I watched the show tonight, I had a thought and it has really stuck with me. There's another role Alex O'Louglin would be perfect for:

James Bond.

I know that there are some of you out there, (Linda Grimes), throwing popcorn at my blog on your computer screen right now because you like the current James Bond*:

and so do I.

*btw just as an innocent sidebar, do you think the size of that gun is any indication of the size of other things?

I love Daniel Craig as James Bond and, as long as Linda will keep letting him out of her basement long enough to make movies, he should still be 007, but let's visit reality; he's going to get tired of the role eventually and I think we should start floating the notion now - Alex O'Loughlin  - the next James Bond.

Compare this:

to this:
And I really think he measures up in other comparisons, too.
George Lazenby as Bond:
Timothy Dalton as Bond:
Handsome, shaken-not-stirred, Pierce Brosnan as Bond:

And, my personal favorite - Roger Moore as Bond:
Imagine this man
whispering naughty things in your ear using this accent:

It's enough to make this woman's nether regions all tingly.
So agree with me ladies, let's start a movement, Alex O'Loughlin as the next James Bond. When Mr. Craig is through, of course, because - yum.
Which is your favorite Bond?
(Oh and I know I've left out a Bond. That's because he is guilty of conduct unbecoming a Bond, IMHO. YMMV and if you want to vote for him, I promise not to hold it against you. I was never attracted to him to start with and after witnessing this:
 he repulses me. I think it's bizarre how Walters sort-of defends him afterwards.)
Has anyone seen Skyfall yet?


  1. I always thought the size of the gun was compensatory. Of course, Magnum may disagree. ;)

    As for Mr. O'Loughlin, while he is quite *ahem* good looking, I think he lacks a certain squareness of jaw for the Bond role. However, I've never been a Bond fan, so probably my opinion counts for squat.

    1. It took me a minute to figure out what you meant by compensatory and then I thought, oh geez, I hope not.

  2. Huh. Well, as long as you're not dissing my Daniel, I guess it's okay to consider possible future Bonds. Far distant future. You know, when Mr. O'Loughlin grows up enough to be *ahem* interesting. ;)

    1. I am in agreement with both you and Delia that he needs a little maturing. I just figure we have enough time with Daniel for him to do so.
      And if we nurture him in the right direction...

  3. No sound on my video viewing, but I recall the original interview, and the shitstorm it started.

    My son is big fan, because he read the books before he saw any of the movies. But he's a straight guy, so the sexy Bond question won't get answered by him. Nor me. I'm okay with the movies (I've seen most of them, probably), and I do love Pierce Bronsnan, I just can't say one way or another.

    On a side note, you know why I watch Alex's show, it has to do with "beauty" but it's of the land, not the people.

  4. I haven't seen the show yet, though it's always down there on the "might need a new show one day" list.

    LOL to Connery interview, how NUTTY. I'd never heard it. Hi-larious. What a FREAK. I just checked wikipedia and it's not even there! So I looked in the history, because of course someone put it in, and then I guess someone else edited it out, though I can't quite make out who/when. I'll edit it back in tomorrow. (The old paragraph included accusations by an ex-wife, so it might have been flagged as potentially libelous.) (Did you know mostly men contribute to wikipedia? We are failing ourselves!)

    Connery does come from a rough, blue collar sort of background, so it's not really surprising. He's an old dude.

    And James Bond has inflicted all sorts of violence on women in the course of his duties, including (if I recall) an open slap. Or am I thinking of the bikini strangulation? Probably both.

    As for the novels, it wouldn't surprise me either. They're oldy, macho books. (Though good.)

    1. As far as the movies go - isn't Bond mostly treating the women enemies the same as the men enemies, though not so severely. He isn't slapping or otherwise women as Connery suggests, is he? I've only seen a few of the movies but I haven't noticed that.