Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free book 12/27 only!!!!!!

No Such Thing As a Secret by Shelly Fredman - is free @amazon for kindle today 12/27. I just got it. I already have a hard copy of this and all the follow up books in the series. Great book. Love Brandy Alexander and her writer - Shelly! If you don't have it - go get it.

I blogged about the series here.

The series is:
No Such Thing As A (1) Secret
                                   (2)Good Blind Date
                                   (3)Free Lunch
                                   (4)Free Ride
And recently released (5) No Such Thing As a Lost Cause.

I have #5 but I haven't had a chance to read it, yet. I have no doubt it is good, though, cause Shelly wrote it.


  1. Thanks for telling us! I downloaded it--sounds like just my cup of tea. :)

    1. Yay - you'll love it. Brandy is funny like Ciel but in a totally different flavor.

  2. Well too late for me.

    Yesterday i finished Nine Rules for Romancing a Rake which you might like. Lots of Le Hot Sex, alpha hero, chubby heroine who grows. There are several historicals I tried to read this year, and just couldn't get past a few chapters--but this one was charming, with lovely side characters. In case you're ever in the mood for a Regency this year. ;-)

    1. I'll put that on my maybe pile. Sounds good if I get in the mood.