Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Romance Novel: Finding Home by Author: Lois Greiman

Old Love and New Loves

2007. That's when I read my first Chrissy McMullen book by Lois Greiman. So I've loved Lois for 5 years now.

That series is contemporary. Greiman writes a lot of historicals (shudder). Not my cuppa. However, there are a couple of exceptions to that - Anne Stuart and Lisa Kleypas. There are probably others but I can't think of them right now. I know Greiman will one day be another exception. I have one of her historicals on my shelf right now and one day I'll be desperately seeking that voice of hers and I'll pick it up.

Meanwhile she has a new contemporary out and it's got a cowboy. You may not realize this is a good thing - but it is.

Lois is one of THOSE. You know, those writers whom you pick up thinking, I'm going to read the first chapter then go to sleep and 4 hours later you're still reading. Yeah, Those.

That's what happened when I picked up Finding Home.

Casie has issues:
"The old nickname turned the prickles to barbed wire. "So what should we do, Dickey? Throw her away? Send her to slaughter? I mean, if she can't run or buck or..." She waved a hand. "She could at least be pretty, right?" Dickenson, she remembered, had dated every girl on the cheerleading squad while Casie had been fighting acne and paying piccolo in the marching band. "Otherwise she might as well be dead. She might as well be..."

Casie has history with her sexy, cowboy neighbor:
"Hey thanks for the ride home, Case. Just let me know if you need any help. I'll be home for a while."
"Yeah." She pursed her lips and lied, not thinking about warm summer nights and strawberry wine poached by lanky teenagers. Once upon a time she'd been far too young to know that opposites might attract, but they would always make each other miserable. "Yeah. I'll do that."

Casie needs to ignore her neighbor because she has a fiance. Trouble is, the fiance is more trouble than he's worth:
"The rent!" she said, guilt rushing in on her. "I completely forgot about it."
He looked chagrined. "I hate to bring it up after such a perfect day."
"No. Don't be silly. It's my place, too..."
"Cass," he said, leaning toward the passenger seat to speak to her through the open door. "Maybe you could pay for next month right away, too."

She also has a ranch that needs work and isn't making much money, 3 teenagers that are depending on her for mothering, even though she isn't their mother, lambs and sheep and cows and horses, and a realtor who wants to sell her property to a confinement farming corporation.

But never fear. She's Lois Greiman driven so we have a delightful happily-for-now ending.
And, did I mention funny?

Casie: "I can make it to the house under my own steam. I'm just a little sore."
Colt: "You think I want to carry you? My arm's barely healed. I think I broke my knuckles on your fiance's fat nose. And do you know the kind of damage a bucking horse can do to your back?"
Casie: "Why did you park so far from the house then?..."

I really loved the book, Lois. Hope this is number one of a series.


Before you start whining about your tbr piles - my new love isn't a book or an author. It's 2 bands. It's 2 songs. It's several songs by 2 bands.

The Lumineers song Ho Hey is making me so happy lately. Have you heard it on the radio?
"I belong with you. You belong with me. You're my sweetheart."

I put 4 of their songs on my i-Pod:
Ho Hey, Flowers In Your Hair, Dead Sea

and Stubborn Love:

Then there's Little Talks:

If you check out the lyrics to that song it is tailor made for my wip. In fact, it's good for lots of modern gothic romance novels.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to make a new playlist for my next dogpaddling session because it HAS to include these.

What is your latest obsession new love?


  1. Those are great songs for a soundtrack. You're right, tailor made. Happy dog-paddling and writing! :)

    1. lol I wrote taylor instead of tailor. I need an editor like some people need a butler.

  2. "Before you start whining about your tbr piles"
    That made me snort!! Nooo I wasn't going to whine - much.

    I'll check out the videos tonight.
    Happy writing.

    1. I was going to whine. I refrained. ;)

    2. See I warded off 2 whines. I should get brownie points. Or at least brownies.

  3. But I HAVE to whine about my TBR pile. It's soooo tall I can't see over the top of it, and I don't have nearly enough time to read! *sob, sniffle*

    Oh, heck. Forget the whining. I prefer wine-ing. ;)

  4. Wine-ing is a different story. I'll wine with you!

  5. Brownies!

    NOT BLONDIES though, those didn't go so well last time. Now I'm going to try some caramel fudge stuff that Becky shared with me on the twitters. Maybe.
    *wink wink*

    Your recommendations are always wonderful, thank you.

    (No whining here, did you notice? Do I get extra points? Or some Brownies? You can have some of my candy if it turns out to be edible.)

    1. You do get points. Here's the points I will give you. I'm going to send you my grandmother Campbells brownie recipe. I've had it memorized for years now. Last time I made it I used Hershey's dark chocolate cocoa powder and they were so yummy!

  6. I love Hey Ho, but hadn't heard these others. Will bookmark them and check out again later!

    1. They make really lively dogpaddle motivation music.