Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Romance Novel: Tempting the Billionaire by Author: Jessica Lemmon

It's a Lemmony Day

I follow the blog of Jessica Lemmon. Jessica's first book debuted recently. I just finished reading it.

Now, this might not come as a surprise to my readers as I often read debut authors.

Here's the surprising thing - if I didn't follow Jessica's blog, I might never have read her book.

The book is good. Very good. But I didn't know that when I read the title and, frankly, the title threw me off.

Tempting the Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon.

It sounds like one of those books that celebrate decadence. Decadence makes me uncomfortable. Not sure why, but it does. I read the book anyway because I follow Jessica's blog and I was pretty sure it was going to be a good book.

The book does not celebrate decadence. Quite the opposite. The billionaire in this case is gorgeous, fit, funny, kind, intelligent, sexy and very, very down to Earth. I don't know any billionaires but if Donald Trump is any indication - yuck.

I want my billionaires to be like Shane.

Unfortunately, Shane is convinced that he isn't capable of long-term love.

But then along comes Crickitt Day to shake up his hum-drum world.

Crickitt is recently divorced. From one of those men who are determined to take their wives self esteem with them when they walk out the door. Jerks.

She's not the kind of woman to stay down long, though.

It's a romance novel so I don't think I spoil anything when I tell you that Crickitt and Shane have lots of obstacles to overcome but they eventully wind up in a completely believable happily-ever-after.

A good test of whether I like a book or not is - do I keep remembering the characters after I finish the book. In the case of Tempting the Billionaire, I went back for several more mini-reads.

If you like light, funny, sexy romance novels, you'll enjoy this one.

This was the first in Jessica's Love in the Balance series. She's currently working on #2; Hard To Handle. I look forward to it!

How are you with decadence?

Do you want a mate who is down to Earth?

It's late so I'm heading for bed. Hopefully I'll have sweet dreams of billionaire Shane.


  1. I did enjoy my dip into temptation with Shane August--it was loads of fun!

    Decadence in my real life? Well, I do like expensive chocolate now and again (okay, every chance I get), but other than that I'm pretty down to earth, as is TG. We like it simple. :)

    1. Your blog is where I first encountered Jessica - so thanks.

    2. Mmmm, chocolate... And Judy, isn't Linda awesome? :)

    3. Linda is definitely awesome covered in dark chocolate flavored awesome sauce.

  2. I'm not sure how I am with decadence as I've never had the chance to experience it. I think maybe I should test drive the lifestyle...just to see. ;) Thankfully, I already have a down to Earth mate.

    The book sounds lovely.

    1. If anyone could pull off decadence and still be down to Earth, it would be you!

    2. Thank you, Della! I promise, Shane is very down to earth. :)

  3. Judy, thank you SO MUCH! I am thrilled you loved the book, and Shane. I love him too, I admit it! ;)

    1. You're welcome.

      You did a very good job of making him loveable!

  4. Wouldn't mind a chance to test-drive decadence, just for a little while. But down to Earth wins every time. Much easier to maintain.

    The book sounds interesting. I might have to check it out.

    1. It's a pick me up read for a down day, Skye. I need those sometimes.