Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The birthday dilemma

In my family we only give birthday presents to the kids. Everybody gets a birthday dinner. They choose the menu and the kind of cake or sometimes pie.

At least, that's the way it's always been before.

Now, it is impossible to get everyone together at the same time.

I work Tuesday to Saturday nights until 1am. Another person works Wednesday to Sunday nights. Another person works out of town and is only home late Friday to early Sunday. One person works 8 to 5 weekdays. Another person works 11 to 7 weekdays. Still another works weekend days.

Recently my mom retired (finally). You'd think that would make things a little easier right? Not so. She always worked PRN which means she could be available when she needed to be so she was never a problem. Well, except for her whirlwind of a social life!!!

It's only going to get worse. My gdaughter turns 15 this year. Guess what she is most excited about? Learning to drive.

I suspect birthday dinners will soon be a thing in the past for this family.

Question is - what do we replace them with?

How do we honor the day that our various family members were born?

Any suggestions?

How does your family do it?


  1. This was a big problem for my family as well. We never did anything with the adults, but my mother sixteen grandchildren via her seven living children and getting everyone together sixteen times a year can be taxing. Instead, every year right around the fourth of July, we have one big party for all of the grandchildren/neices/nephews. It's literally like Christmas in July. Everyone brings presents for all the kids. We have a huge cookout, cake, pinatas, games, squirt-gun fights, etc. The kids look forward to it every year and it makes sure we adults get together at least twice a year. (That can be hard in my family, as we're not all geographically that close.)

    It helps. :)

  2. We group people together with "birthday buddies"--that cuts down on the number of parties significantly. We have up to four or five birthday honorees at some of them. (Yeah, I have kind of a big extended family around here.)

  3. Yeah we'll probably go to the same thing as Delia eventually. This year we are trying the same thing as Linda.

  4. Yep, being so far from my siblings (they are all in Australia) we send a card and then honor each other with a long phone call.
    We hold one giant party in November of each year and there can be close to 100 people in attendance (my mother had seven children and now has five great grandchildren.)Everyone is busy, everyone has their own family, and families expand. It can be a problem. But we gave up on gift giving years ago. I now send only a welcome to the world gift for any new baby, and a gift for my mother.

    1. Sounds like you're on top of things even with such a big family.
      My mom just retired. I seriously thought of trying to have a card party for her. Just have everyone send cards. I haven't worked it out yet, though.