Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the winner is:

Liz Flaherty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I determined the winner by a very sophisticated method. (Yeah, right.)

I printed out a template of squares. Wrote an eligible name in each square.

Then I pulled out my trusty wooden dolphin. I was given this dolphin by a former water massage teacher. Here she is in the middle of the ocean on my world map mouse pad:

Next I dropped the dolphin onto the template of names:

I must confess I had to drop her 2 or 3 times before she landed clearly on just one square cause she is kind of big for this procedure.

I uncovered the square she was swimming on and voila...

Congratulations Liz. Send your email address to RobenaGrant at aol dot com and she will send you a PDF file of The Blue Dolphin.
Thanks everyone for the great response to Robena's interview. This was fun.
Remember, Unlock the Truth and The Blue Dolphin are out on kindle only right now. They will be out on other media forms in May. And Desert Exposure comes out later this year.
My favorite win off of a blogpost so far was an ARC of Linda Grimes second book, Quick Fix, which isn't out yet.
What was your favorite thing you've won from a blog contest?


  1. Umm, I won a sci fi book by tweeting a podcast, but I haven't read it yet. ;-) In general I don't try to win books because of my insanely massive TBR library.

    1. I know what you mean. I've been reading library books because it's 'I Love To Read' month at my library. My pile of books that I bought but haven't read is starting to feel overwhelming.
      I'll keep trying to win, though.

  2. Congrats to Liz!

    I've won some great books, which is wonderful. My daughter won Kindle once, which was awesome.

  3. Congratulations, Liz!! Judy, I love your selection process. :D

    1. I'm inspired by Tawna Fenske's many clever ways of picking a winner.

  4. I adore your selection process, Judy. It made me grin. Also, I'll be in touch with Liz right away. Also, I don't enter a lot of contests because of the towering TBR pile, and for the fear I'll win. I think in my next contest I'll offer a gift card. ; )

    Thanks again, so very much, for hosting me on your blog.