Friday, February 8, 2013

Y'all - I'm versatile.

Delia, whom I admire greatly for her wit, intelligence and VERSATILITY (I'm sure she's beautiful, too, judging by the pics of her that I've seen), nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award. Aww thanks, Delia!

Now according to award rules, I get the pleasure of nominating other versatile bloggers* for the award.

Here goes:

Wynded Words - I love Sarah Wynde's books and her blog is enjoyable reading also.

Life Echoed Photography - the beautiful blog of my daughter, Ruthie, the photographer.

Welcome to Julieland - the daily, fascinating blog of the good, stitchin, bike-riding, tarot card reading witch, Julie.

Mabel Talk - wise and witty words of London Mabel who actually lives in Canada.

The Simple Dude - the blog of a simple dude, Jon, living in a complex world, who turns his thoughts on life into comedy for all his readers.

Miss Steps and Milestones - talk about versatile - Judie speaks on a wide variety of subjects from her writing life; to her j.o.b.;  to her dogs; to going sailing with her husband; to her unreasonable home owners's association.

Things In the Skye - all about the trials, tribulations, triumphs and joy in the life of Skye.

Aunt Bean's Third Blog - about going back to school, turning fifty, family and pets.

Visiting Reality - Linda Grimes blog. Linda wrote the book In A Fix which caused me to laugh for days. She writes a very funny blog. She posts pics of camels on hump day. Need I say more?

Jessica Lemmon - she wrote a very sweet book, Tempting the Billionaire. Her blog is good reading, too, despite the fact that she seems to have abandoned ThurSTUDday.

Robena Grant - whose book, Unlock the Truth, is excellent reading if you like romantic suspense, which I do, and whose blog sometimes gets hijacked by her cigar-smoking stuffed bear, Humphrey.

The other thing I'm supposed to do is tell Delia - and you - 7 things about myself. Some of these you'll know if you read my blog; some you won't.

1-  I name my houseplants and some of them even have lives. One of them, Alfonso, is a cross-dressing cactus who dons brilliant pink blooms at Thanksgiving. Alfonso is an incorrigible ladie's man who likes to drop little love-babies in the pots of any female who gets close to him. Gladys is an aloe who doesn't appreciate Alfonso and throws his babies out. It's best not to put them too close to each other.

2 - I have 2 cats. One with the unimaginative name of Blackie - because he is black. The other with the name Bernie. Bernie used to live with a cat named Clyde and his name was Bonnie until we discovered Bonnie was not an appropriate name for him.

3 - I'm a night owl which is okay because at my  j.o.b. I work nights.

4 - I have bouts of insomnia.

5- I love the indoor pool at the local wellness center. I've been every day this month so far.

6 - I've recently started taking an actual pool class called Pure Energy and I love it.

7- I make delicious vegetable soup and can generally accomplish it without burning down the kitchen, which is saying something for me since I once set nachos on fire and killed the old stove.

So, again, thank you Delia. I'm honored to have been nominated.

*Nominated bloggers if you want to play - go here for rules and a link to the blog button.

Do you consider yourself to be versatile? If so, how?


  1. Thank you, Judy!!!

    Okay...the truth behind ThurSTUDay...fear of getting sued. *sigh* All this "don't use other people's photos on your blog" talk got me super scared. So...I stick to man candy on Pinterest, where everyone shares and shares alike.

    I miss ThurSTUDay though. :-(

    1. I understand. I started reducing everything to thumbnails.
      Oh well. At least we still have your wit and humor.

  2. Awesome - thanks for the honor! I like to think I am pretty versatile. I can write about things that both piss me off and only mildly irritate me. Yeah, I've been crabby lately. Must be the winter doldrums.

    But thanks again - you rock!


    1. I whine about the weather here. I can't imagine living in Minnesota. You do crabby in such a funny way, though.

  3. Thank you, Judy! :)

    You sound like an extremely versatile woman to me. Re #2: My first cat was named "Melissa" until we found out he was a "Melvin."

    I hope I'm versatile, too. Life is easier if you can remain flexible.

    1. I'm told everything is more fun when you're flexible! ;)

  4. Thanks, Judy. This gives me a chance to learn about other blogs. Versatile? Hmm, maybe. :)

  5. Thanks for the shoutout, Judy. Not sure how versatile I am...crazy, maybe? : )

    1. Anyone who can turn their stuffed bear into a cigar-smoking, Fig Newton stealing, reviewer of books, is a lot versatile, and, yes, a little crazy.
      We love you, though.

  6. Hehe. I don't actually think I'm particularly versatile, but I'll fake it till I make it. Also, there's a reason that photo on my blog is uh...shall we say "artistically altered."

    1. yeah, yeah, yeah - you're not versatile - right.

  7. "set nachos on fire" Now that's an accomplishment!

    Thanks for the award, JJJ. :-) I love all the comments you leave at my blog! You're a wonderful neighbor in blogland.

    1. Yeah my gkids still tease me about those nachos.
      You're a pretty good cyber neighbor, too.