Friday, February 15, 2013

Romance mystery novel: Notorious Nineteen by Author: Janet Evanovich

She's baaaaaack...
Janet Evanovich, I mean. Have you read Notorious Nineteen?
I don’t want to rehash a bunch of history. If you want more details go here.
I’ll just recap in a nutshell, so to speak. Books 1 to 4, Stephanie Plum is establishing a relationship with Joe Mirelli. Books 5 and 6 they are in that dysfunctional relationship but Ranger is starting to be interested in Stephanie, too. Book 7 she is broken up with Joe and she sleeps with Ranger once. Books 8-16 she is again in her dysfunctional relationship with Joe.
In those books where she is in a relationship with Joe, there are countless near misses with Ranger, all accompanied by a conversation about why she can’t cross that line into an actual sexual encounter with him because she has this relationship with Joe.
Then suddenly in books 17 & 18 she is having sex with both Joe and Ranger. Which infuriated me. Why? Not because a woman was sleeping with two men. No. Because Evanovich had spent many books creating a world in which it was disrespectful and disloyal to Joe for Stephanie to have sex with Ranger and she suddenly threw her in bed with both of them without any explanation as to why it was suddenly okay.
And I felt betrayed. I felt like she had drastically changed the 3 characters I loved for the worst. Joe was suddenly a pathetic man who was being made a fool of. While Ranger constantly trying to get into Stephanie’s pants even though she was with Joe was funny, him succeeding made him seem cruel. And Stephanie lost her moral compass.
I read 17 and it made me so angry I didn’t buy 18. I picked it up one day in the library and skimmed it. I almost didn’t even acknowledge 19 but something made me put my name on the library hold list.
And I’m glad I did.
Because Evanvich has gone back to her original ‘formula’. Joe and Stephanie are together again and Stephanie is fending off Ranger.
Does this mean I will stop reading them again if Stephanie ends up back with Ranger or both of them? That depends. If Evanovich wants to do that and not betray her readers, she just needs to put in a conversation or two explaining why it’s okay for Stephanie to do that when it wasn’t okay before.
She created this world. She can change it. But she can’t ignore pages and pages of dialogue building a world one way without spending some effort creating dialogue justifying the change.
Anywho – she’s back and Notorious Nineteen is the usual laugh riot.
In other Evanovich news – she’s co-creating a new series with Lee Goldberg who wrote for the television show, Monk. The blurb at the back of Notorious Nineteen says:
“What’s an FBI agent to do after she’s caught the world’s most wanted—and irresistibly charming—con man? Partner up with him…”
Sounds like fun. First book is set to roll out in June of 2013.
In the crazy world of gorgeous Diesel and Lizzy Tucker, Wicked Appetite and Wicked Business are out. I’m not sure what the third Wicked will be or when it will come out.

Are you a Stephanie Plum fan? Do you like the Wicked series so far? Do you have pets named Ranger or Diesel or Mirelli? Come on,  fess up.



  1. Haven't really liked them since the first few. And while I did sample one or two later, I much preferred Ranger over Joe. Just cannot figure why she keeps her with Joe when Ranger is around.

    I've read the first one in another of her series, but I can't remember the name. All I remember is it was one long tease, where they almost end up in bed, something happens, and later she just doesn't want to or feels they can't or something. Bugged me a lot.

    I think I'm just not Evanovich's target audience.

    1. Everybody's different and that's good. There's certainly enough good books out there.
      I never understood the attraction to Ranger. A guy who comes in my house, my bedroom unannounced. A guy who has said several times that I'm amusement for him. A guy who keeps a tracker on my car and in my purse so he knows where I am at all times. I think not.

  2. I read about the first 7, and enjoyed them. I don't know if I'll ever read more--so many authors, so little time.

    Thanks for spilling on why people were mad about that book. I was curious!

    1. You're right about the so many books so little time. I read her anyway because she is so light, easy and funny. Sometimes I need that.

  3. I have read them all, 19 is still on the request list, so I'll get it any week now. No qualms about who she sleeps with, I'd like it if they did it more though. ;-)

    Yep, have read the Lizzie and Diesel books, again, more (any!) sex would be good. (I love the paranormal aspect to these.) A new series? With Monk-like humour? I am SO on it!

    In other news, just picked up the bread book, and will be starting it as soon as I turn these machines off tonight. Woo hoo!

    1. I like the paranormal aspect of the Diesel books, too. And, again, light, easy, funny.

  4. I'm relieved to hear 19 is heading back to the ground I like better. Guess I might have to read it after all.

    1. I was relieved, too. I want a writer to be able to go where they want but jeez louise - a paragraph or two about why it's suddenly okay to go there seems like the least she owed her loyal readers.
      19 is good.