Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Romance novel: This Time Forever by Author: Kathleen Eagle

Who knew?

I just finished ANOTHER truly fabulous book by Kathleen Eagle; This Time Forever.

When I read The Last Good Man, also by Kathleen, I loved it so much, I couldn't stop reading it.

This book is the same. What is it about her books that affect me this way? It's a lot of things.

In both of these books, the characters are wonderful. And, I am always captured by healthy, present, aware, loving interaction between a man and his children or the children he is responsible for.

"Just teaching him how to arm wrestle. He always wants to use his right hand, but if I don't let him use it--see?" He pinned Sam's right arm to his side and let him use his left to grapple with two of Cleve's fingers, which Sam wanted in his mouth. "He works his left side a little more." This Time Forever by Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen writes compelling stories. Sometimes it is easy to see that love is inevitable, as in The Last Good Man where Clay and Savannah had grown up together and been sweethearts before. And sometimes it's not as in This Time Forever when the two who eventually end up a couple, meet in circumstances that don't lend themselves to falling in love.

The twists and turns that Kathleen employs to bring about that love, are unexpected, yet ordinary and completely believable.

The thing about these books is, they break the rules that I have in my head as something I would want to read.

I chose to read The Last Good Man because someone I trusted, I think Lois Greiman, recommended it. This Time Forever is a book I won. They are not books I would have chosen based on reading a synopsis or their back covers. And, yet, as I said, I go back and reread them over and over again because I love them so much.

I think of myself as not wanting to read books that feature diseased characters. Savannah, whom I loved in The Last Good Man, is recovering from breast cancer. Little baby Sam, in This Time Forever, is a special needs child. Yet, these books are hopeful and upbeat but not in a whitewash-the-truth way.

I think of myself as not wanting to read books with people in really bad circumstances. Cleve is in prison for something he didn't do for a major part of This Time Forever. Again, loved it. Again, hopeful and upbeat while not whitewashed.

The hero of both of these books is A COWBOY. A cowboy. I fell in love with 2 cowboy heroes. How did that happen? If I were in a bookstore and I picked up a book and read the words, cowboy hero, I'd have dismissed it out of hand.

Turns out, I would have been wrong.

Turns out, I don't want to read only light, funny, love stories where no one has any real problems. Who knew?

It's possible Kathleen has changed the way I choose a book to read. She's that good.

How do you choose a book to read? Are there things that will automatically attract you to a book or things that will make you instantly put a book back on the shelf at the bookstore?


  1. Thank you, Judy for a wonderful post. I, too, am a fan of Kathleen Eagle after stumbling across The Last Good Man. I will definitely pick up This Time Forever.

    There are all sorts of things that trigger my buyers response and most likely it's a combination of Cover, blurb, and/or review. If there is a cowboy on it or in it, I'm a goner. They almost always have pride, a sense of right and wrong and huge hearts, all qualities I try to build into my heros.

    1. Hey thanks for commenting. Glad you liked the post. And you are going to love the book.

  2. Anymore, it seems I have so little time to read for pleasure that I have to rely on friends to tell me what they like, and why they like it, before I add anything to my TBR pile. It helps so much to have "pre-readers" whose opinions I trust. :)

    1. Linda - You just keep writing stories of Ciel and I'll happily pre-read things for you!

  3. I love Kathleen's earlier Harlequins. Have not read either of these though so should go check them out. She's a really fine writer.
    Thanks for the Virtual Blog Award. : ) I had a bad cold and finally kind of shook it off today. I'm sorry I dropped the ball on that but when I read the post I remember I was confused about what I was supposed to do. Ha ha. I'd also had a couple of days of really, really, bad spelling errors, so good thing I didn't follow up. Damn cotton wool head.

    1. I know that groggy head feeling. Glad you are coming out of it.

  4. The only thing that'll make me put a book back on the shelf is if I know the animals in it will be hurt or killed. Anything with too many animals makes me hesitate.

    1. I respect your choices. For me, though, if I'm willing to read a book where people are killed, and I am, I'm willing to read a book where animals are killed.
      Kate George took a lot of flack for that in her last Bree book but it was an integral part of the story. Nothing else would have motivated Bree to go after the villainess.