Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Romance Comedy Novel: Hip Check by Author: Deirdre Martin

Deidre Martin wins the face-off against Boredom

On Friday I mentioned that I need to do a blogpost that does justice to the work of Deirdre Martin. Imma gonna try to do that.

She has a 3 book Wild Hart series that I really enjoyed about an Irish American family that has a bar in New York city called the Wild Hart. Those books were all fun-to-read romance novels.

Several hockey players from the fictitious New York Blades hung out in the Wild Hart leading us to the Blade series. I just finished the most recent, 12th book in the series, Hip Check. #12 was just as good as #1. You can wade skate in anywhere.

They are all light romance novels that include hockey player heroes; lovable heroines with substance and the type of real beauty that doesn't sell magazines; precocious kids; dogs; steamy love scenes; and noisy hockey games.

They all have HEA's. In fact Hip Check's HEA even includes Triple Chunk Caramel ice cream cake.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mine changes but right now it's B&J Cherry Garcia.


  1. I'm a purist. i love vanilla ice cream best, particularly Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream. Although Tillamook is a good second best.

  2. It's tough to narrow down my ice cream faves--I like so many kinds! I do love Jamoca Almond Fudge a lot, though.

  3. Years ago it was chocolate and more chocolate, more recently I've rediscovered the excitement of a really good vanilla. I've always loved any and all of the citrus flavors though. And some fruits. Also Caramels. But nothing with coffee or bananas.

    I guess the answer is:
    depends on the day and selections offered.