Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Sarah-Kate, a writing / not-writing update and a recipe

Continuing my fangirl adoration of all things Sarah-Kate Lynch, I finished her book Eating With the Angels recently. Too, too good. She can really tell a story and put together a book. Now I'm onto Finding Tom Conner. About halfway through the book there is something so funny it made me laugh, reread, laugh some more, reread, laugh...etc. I just love her sense of humor.

Her next book, The Wedding Bees, is out in other parts of the world but we can't get it here, yet.

I've done blogposts on two of her books, Dolci di Love and By Bread Alone. I highly recommend anything she has written.


My writing has been put on hold while I question my sanity and wonder along my neural pathways in search of why I want to write and yet, I don't actually do it.

Do you love cheese sticks? I love cheese sticks. So when I saw a recipe for them on pinterest, I decided to try it. The result was something that looks nothing like restaurant cheese sticks, but tastes delicious.

Cut string cheese into bite size pieces. Roll in milk. Roll in bread crumbs. Put on a cookie sheet and bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for 8 to 10 minutes.

Dip them in marinara and yum, yum, yum.


What are YOU reading? Writing? Cooking? Eating?


  1. Oh you and me both!!! I adore that tall, well-traveled, New Zealander SO DAMN MUCH! She is hilarious on her blog, I've read the archives, next up: her column.

    She's on FaceBook too, but I'm not. Although, she does tweet occasionally, so I can follow her there.

    Yes, I've read the bread, the cheese, and the wine books, but my library doesn't have any of the others.

    Baked cheese recipe? I'm on it!!! Will post pictures of the results (as soon as Dan gets home and can supervise). Thank you!

    (My assvice for your writing woes is, of course, Guided Meditation, because when I obsess over something, I do on a grand scale.)

  2. Sarah-Kate sounds like my kind of writer.

    And your cheese sticks sound yummy! And easy. Too bad dairy doesn't really agree with me. :(

  3. @Julie - I will think about the gm for my writing. That baked cheese is gooooood.
    @Linda - I love her. Her books can be elusive here because of the whole she-lives-in-Australia thing. Or is it NZ?

  4. Wait, what? Baked cheese? *off to Pinterest*

    But not before wishing you clear neural pathways. FGBVs.

  5. I am NOT writing. Le Sigh. Just crocheting and sewing and watching stuff. Hoping the writing fire eventually reignites.

    1. I know the feeling. Going to address some of that in todays blog.