Friday, April 5, 2013

Romance Mystery Novel: Jokers & Fools by Author: Esri Allbritten

The reluctant tarot reader

The places I find books…

I just finished reading Jokers & Fools by Esri Allbritten. She writes well. She engaged me in her story. She wrote characters I cared about who arced in positive, believable ways. She created a world I enjoyed even though through most of the book the main character, LeeLee, had a lot of obstacles to overcome.

This book will be enjoyable for everyone but especially for those who like the tarot. LeeLee never meant to be a tarot reader. Her mom, recently deceased, was a tarot reader who left LeeLee a ridiculous number of tarot decks.

And a dog. Who appears to hate LeeLee. And who loses her job for her when LeeLee starts taking him to work to try and make him happy.

Jobless, she begins to do tarot readings for money. I don’t want to give away the story which is touching and funny in parts.

Quote - “She was in a trance,” Debbie said, her tone confidential. “And I think an unfriendly spirit tried to come through, but she wouldn’t let it. You can see how hard it was on her.”
My stomach heaved, and I gulped, “It was that drink. That and the antihistamines.”
The reporter thrust the microphone in my face. “What would happen if you weren’t able to block an unfriendly spirit?”
I pushed feebly at his hand, but the mike didn’t budge. “Move. I mean it…”
And then I threw up. – End Quote Jokers & Fools by Esri Allbritten

The book is a romance with a happily-for-now which you can assume will be a HEA eventually - and is realistic.

So where did I find this book?

Colleen Gleason, who wrote The Cards of Life and Death and The Shop of Shades and Secrets, is one of several authors banded under The Indie Voice. TIV has many purposes one of which is to recommend books like Jokers & Fools by Esri Allbritten.

Allbritten has written several books including a series featuring Chihuahua’s called the Tripping Mystery series.

Do you have hidden sources for good books? Come on. Give ‘em up. We won’t tell.

I have another source or two I have yet to talk about. I’ll leave you with those to look forward to.


  1. Do any of these come in PAPER?! You're killing me here! These stories are MADE FOR ME!!!

    (Was that enough exclamation points? Because I'm feeling very strongly here, I could toss out a few more.)

    Also, we forgot the fucking cheese today. I am livid with how ridiculous Mr and Mrs Stupid were this afternoon. Mostly we argued, and not in cute way.

    *frowny face*

  2. Responded over in Julieland but I'll put it here, too. Sorry but this one does appear to only be an ebook. The Colleen Gleason books are both available in paperback, though.

  3. Oh, sounds good. Tarot is fascinating. I used to read the cards when I was in college--just for fun, at parties. I'm sure I was absolutely horrible at it, but it was entertaining at least.

    1. It was good. She did good at the constantly throwing things at her heroine deal.

  4. It does sound like a fun read. I'll check it out. : )

  5. Sources? Hmm. I get the monthly Goodreads e-newsletter, and emails from . Basically whenever I read of a new, interesting-sounding book, I toss it on my amazon wishlist. Most of the time I don't run out and buy cause you know how many books I already own.

    Probably the best source, for me, is my 4 hours of volunteering each week at a second hand bookstore. Always seeing great books coming through!