Monday, April 22, 2013

Romance Series Novel: Rock Chick by Author: Kristen Ashley

the worlds of kristen ashley

Y'all know that I'm a feminist if you've been reading my blogposts and paying attention. Because of that this post is hard to write.

See I love Kristen Ashley. And most women who like romance novels probably will (or do) too.

It's been talked about before how you can read a book and love it even though if a man every really treated you the way the hero in the book treated the heroine, he'd need to wear body armor if he thought to sleep around you.

Such are the men in Kristen Ashley's books. And yet, I love them. And by them I mean the fictional men and the books.

First let's talk the Rock Chick series. 7 books so far. 1 more coming out. I loved them so much I read all of them 2 or 3 times.

She creates characters you love. She creates worlds you want to live in. She curses a lot. A lot. There is jargon.There is gratuitous sex. A lot of sex, steamy and real.

There is bickering that sounds like a conversation a genuine couple would have. There are HEA's that you as a reader will demand, insist on, accept no less. Her stories are by turns sweet and brutal.

These things are true of all her series. She also creates a sisterhood in each series.

In the Rock Chick series, the women in the sisterhood like to go to listen to the fictional band; Stella and the Blue Moon Gypsies. (Stella eventually becomes part of the sisterhood.) When I was 20 years younger, I longed to be part of such a sisterhood.

Next up is the Dream Man series. 4 books. 4 different men from 4 different worlds that are connected by the common goal of taking care of Denver society even though they go about it in completely different ways. 4 women who get caught up in their worlds and claimed by these men. Beautiful, raw love stories.

After that, according to the reading order on her blog, you could go to the Burg series or the Colorado Mountain series. I chose the Burg series.

The Burg series is like the others except there is a ruthless villain after the heroine in each book.

This is as far I've gotten in Kristen Ashley land but it's for certain, I'll be going the distance.

I love the worlds she creates. I love her voice. I love her pacing and intensity. And I love, love, love the fact that once her heroes engage with her heroines, they spend very little time apart. I don't just mean they have a lot of sex, though they do, I mean she moves them into each others lives and leaves them there.

I can't get enough.

I also have a great deal of admiration for Kristen Ashley's career. Until recently, every book was a self-published ebook. She goes her own way and she is very successful in her endeavors.

What author makes you feel fiercely passionate about their work?


  1. You had me at "gratuitous sex." ;)

    It's hard to narrow down my "feel passionately about" authors, but Kristan Higgins is one that never fails to please me. Her romances always contain a hefty dose of humor, which is always a turn-on for me.

  2. Love her. Re-redeading the Dream Man. I love all her books but "Knight" was good don't get me wrong but the "big daddy" comments made me cringe a couple of times. :)

  3. I have not read her books. Must look into that.
    I read such a wide range of authors, but I do admit the ONLY one that is an auto buy for me is Jenny Crusie. I read anything and everything of hers, and sometimes ten times over. Ha ha.

  4. Like Robena, Jenny Crusie is my only auto-buy, but Jayne Ann Krentz is close (only her contemporaries).

    But it sounds like I need to look into Kristen Ashley now.

  5. @ all - It was hard for me to recommend even though I love her because I know some people may not. I probably should have gone even further with the warning about cursing. She drops f-bombs and liberally uses the c word and the p word that people are so often bothered by.

    Still - I love her!

  6. I love any books that are liberally peppered with foodie references. Judi Hendrix, Erica Bauermeister and Barbara O'Neal are my favorites. More women's fiction than straight up romance, but still wonderful to settle down with and read for an evening or two.

  7. @Chris and Janel - welcome

    @ Janel - Barbara Samuel O'Neal is one of my favorites. Under the 'Blogposts By Books and Authors' tab you'll find several blogposts about her various books. Barbara herself commented on this blogpost: