Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goofs and proud of it

I was on the way to take my 15 year old granddaughter Kat home from kickboxing. This was our conversation:
Me: Wow Jason* was really on tonight. I lost count of how much time you spent doing planks**.
Kat: A lot of time.
Me: Yeah. Planks are one thing I can’t do in the pool.
Kat (cute mischievous look on her already cute face): Hi, I’m Derek***, aqua fit instructor. If you like planks you have to take my class. Unfortunately I must warn you that my students keep drowning. I don’t know why.
Me: He could call the class ‘dying to be fit’.
Kat: Okay class, to the bottom of the pool. We’ll now do 3 minute planks. Oh no – someone call 911.

At which time we were both laughing too hard to continue because we are goofs.
*Jason – awesome instructor of Kat’s kickboxing class that she loves. I wouldn’t last 15 minutes.
**planks – kind of like push ups except you don’t go up and down. Supposed to be great for you abs / core.
***Derek – awesome instructor of an aqua fitness class that I love although it kicks my ass.

12 year old Jay and Kat and I were on the way to kickboxing. They were making fun of the Abe Lincoln vampire slayer movie. Kat said something about him fighting zombies.

Jay: Four score and seven years ago I stabbed you in the head.

Goofs I tell you - goofs.


  1. Ha! Love it. Sounds like you have a fantastic relationship with your grandkids. :)

    1. Yep they're my favorite people in the whole wide world.

  2. I smiled at this. Sounds like good times to me. : )