Friday, May 31, 2013

Killing Time the Fun Way

Some time ago I read an excellent, powerful, suspenseful, short love-story by Anne Stuart entitled Risk The Night.

I filed it away in my memory as something to post about later particularly because it came from a place I really liked:

Lunch Hour Love Stories

LHLS is a site created so that romance lovers can go and find a short story by a favorite author that they can read in a short space of time - like their lunch hour or while waiting for an appointment.

Fun, huh?

I forgot about the site until I saw it mentioned somewhere recently. I decided to click on over and see what's happening.

A lot - that's whats happening there.

Under the heading Browse Menu I found the category Contemporary Cuisine which contained the story listed above by Anne Stuart and another story I will check out as soon as I have a little spending money by Bella Andre, whom I love, titled One Perfect Night. There are several by other authors you many know and love.

Other categories are Regionals, Seasonals, Olde World Fair and Otherworldly Delights.

If you click on the title of a story that sounds good to you, you will be taken to a page with a synopsis and icons for the places you can buy it. (All the usual suspects, amazon, B&N, etc).

Anne's story is $1.99 from amazon and well worth it. Bella Andre's is also $1.99 from amazon. I clicked on a story by Julie London that is $.99. All highly affordable.

If you are a Barbara Samuel O'Neal fan like I am, you will be interested to know she is a founding author and the site suggests there's a new short story from her coming soon.

The list of founding authors is extensive and also includes another favorite of mine: Susan Andersen.

Pop on over and check out Lunch Hour Love Stories.

Back yet? What did you think?


  1. What a brilliant idea! Great website. Perfect for when you're in the mood for something short & complete.

  2. I thought it was a great idea. Maybe you can write a short story for their otherworldly category or a seasonal Ciel story.

  3. The shorties aren't my fave, I love 'em hefty, as you know (wink wink), but wait, you said BARBARA SAMUEL O'NEAL?! I'm on it....


    1. The short stories aren't my favorites either. That one by Anne Stuart was fabulous, though. Powerful. Sexy. I read it one day while walking in the pool.

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