Friday, June 14, 2013

Alexander Henry and Kaffe Fassett

I'm going to have purses made. I say purses because you buy the first one with the handle which slides out. Then you buy other handle-less purses and use the handle for them.

So I'm looking for fabric.

Picture me rubbing my hands together with glee.

I thought I had settled on 2 fabrics by Alexander Henry that I found on the Hancocks of Paducah website.

Fabric one - Paris Love City (in charcoal)

Fabric two - Indochine Genmai Tea Cups (in Indigo)

Then on the Eclectic Gypsy blog she put up fabrics and a book by Kaffe Fassett. When I went to amazon to investigate the book, I found beautiful fabrics including this one - Millifiore Red

I don't really want a red purse but it comes in some other colors as well.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

If there is an alternate universe where I am doing something I love - I must be a fabric designer there. I'm not crazy about sewing. But I love fabric.

Do you love fabric?

Do you believe in alternate universes? If so, what is your otherworldly self doing?


  1. I adore fabric and have even collected fabrics off and on and I don't sew. Don't have a sewing machine. Crazy. But I adore fabric.

    I do kind of believe in alternate universes. In at least one of them, all of my family is still alive and we live near one another and my little brother and I are best friends.

    In at least one universe, I buy and remodel homes and own a lot of real estate and am a happy, successful landlord.

    Fun questions!

    1. Those sound like happy alternate universes.
      Funny, huh, the love of fabric even though you don't enjoy sewing. I have it, too.

  2. I took up quilting almost exclusively because I wanted to collect fabric. (The other reason is because I love quilts. Just not crazy about the actual quilting.) Also, that red is right up my personal alley. Mmmmhmmm.

  3. I love the Paris pattern. I also love fabrics and while i've tried sewing a few times i've never been able to really get into it.

  4. @Delia - the red is beautiful. Put his name in amazon and you will see lots of beautiful fabrics.

    @Kris - I'm seeing a trend here. Women who love fabrics but not sewing. Maybe we're meant to learn how to drape garments around ourselves without sewing---or something.