Friday, June 21, 2013

Mellow fog

Normally I work until 1am. Today, out of my normal routine I worked until 5am. I drove home just after the sun came up.

In the fog. I like fog.

It sparks my memories of good books.

I could be driving down the road and a viking could come breaking through the fog like all those vikings who traveled back and forth in time in Sandra Hill's viking books.

Geez I went looking for a Sandra Hill blogpost and I haven't done one yet. I need to remedy that. I loved all her books, vikings, cajuns, etc. I probably read them all before I started this blog. Ah well, soon...

What else could happen in fog?

I could find myself in an alternate universe like in Kristen Ashley's fantasy land books. Of course, her alternate universe is primitive and I'm not that kind of girl, but they had wonderful HEA's with virile, sexy men who adored them. Still, I don't know if I want to have them as reality or just read about them.

Dense patches of fog could be ghosts like the ones in Jayne Anne Krentz's ghost hunter series. Those ghosts were scary but I could totally deal with them if it got me a life in that world. I could have a dust bunny pet. I liked those men. And the women kicked-ass. I could live in a world where I kicked ghost ass alongside my badass ghost-hunting lover.

I could go on but you catch my drift.

I think this mellow mood I'm in is sponsored in part by the fact that the last song on my playlist I listen to while I'm riding the recumbent bike under the stimulights is Sheryl Crow's very mellow 'Drunk With the Thought of You'.

Here it is so you can be mellow too:

"Well, if love is a cocktail of all that you do
I get drunk with the thought of you."

Does early morning fog make you feel mellow?


  1. Oh, there are times when I adore fog! (Not while I'm commuting, and no so thick that I can barely see 30 feet in front of me while I'm driving, tho'.) One morning, while riding the bus to work through a fairly thick fog, we entered the tunnel on a bridge and I started weaving a little tale for the three women who were my bus-buddies at that time. By the time we came out the other end, they were all half-convinced we'd be coming out into another world ... or absolutely nothing, and they had goosebumps. One of my very best moments. Yes, I do enjoy fog and all the fantasy ideas that can come with it.

  2. What a fun commute that must have been!