Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Graphic Novel: A Wrinkle In Time adapted by: Hope Larson

Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who

Does that ring a distant bell for you?

Picture it - 1962 -  Madeleine L'Engel's A WRINKLE IN TIME debuts.

Sigh. Good memory. Good book.

My granddaughter, Kat, had a similar experience recently.

She loves graphic novels so imagine my delight when the librarian suggested a graphic novel version of A Wrinkle In Time for her.

A WRINKLE IN TIME The Graphic Novel
Adapted and Illustrated By Hope Larson

Hope Larson is an award winning - comic and graphic novel artist-writer. 

A quote from Kat: "It's the kind of book where at first you're going - what in the heck is this about?"

But in the end she loved it, as did I. (And it's a whopping 3 x's on her summer reading program from the library.)

I read the graphic novel right after her.

It did not disappoint.

Imagine my delight when the next day a coworker who has made a lateral move in the company left a lovely hand made card on my desk telling me how much she missed me and included a sentiment with a saying that perfectly expresses one of the main themes from A Wrinkle In Time -

My coworker told me to keep being different because - Only Dead Fish Should Swim With the Flow.

Don't you love that thought?

Did you read A Wrinkle In Time?

Do you like graphic novels?


  1. I LOVED A Wrinkle In Time. It was my favorite childhood book. When my daughter was old enough, it was the first book I made her read (the same copy I'd read way back when). I plan to incorporate a quotation from the book among my literary tattoos, y'know, when I can afford it. :)

    I also love this trend of books being adapted as graphic novels. It's been my experience that kids who are reluctant to read will still give a graphic novel a chance. Win all around.

  2. I'm not really into graphic novels right now, but I did love A Wrinkle in Time (although not some of the religious stuff in it). I didn't enjoy any of the sequels I read. But AWiT was definitely a childhood fave.

  3. Yes, I do love that thought. And A Wrinkle in Time is one of my all-time favorite novels. Graphic novels...they're okay, but I prefer letting words paint the pictures in my head.

  4. I loved that whole series. And I'm not much of a graphic novel person either...just find them too hard to read.

    But if it gets kids to read some of my favorite books, I'm all for it!

  5. @Delia - I like graphic novels for those kids, too. They're also nice for people who like to read and are artistic.
    @Skye - I didn't read any of the sequels
    @Linda - I know - great thought and I love the wording.
    @Deborah - I have explored some really good graphic novels with my grandkids. People are so creative.

  6. Yes, I sure did read it, as a kid. And then, as Dee did, passed on my copy to the witchlings. We also read it out loud several times throughout their lives.

    Not a fan of the graphic novels, but I know that it's a genre which DOES reach many folks (not just children) who are not usually the reading type. So, they are definitely a good thing.

    1. Seems like you and your witchlings took the book to heart!