Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Black Windows reboot

I have restarted Black Windows (modern gothic romance novel).

I discarded what I have already written, sat with the story for some time and have written new passages.

I have also changed the cast some:

The placekeeper for Mimi Cruse Hortense Taylor is now Sandrine Kiberlain.

Unfortunately just now when I went to retrieve a picture of Donovan Sawyer Goodeve I saw that Ben Barnes is not a good placekeeper for him. He needs to be a little more mischievous looking.

The new placekeeper for villain Lee Wilson is Jeff Kober.

Doesn't he look so very villain-y?
Everything else is pretty much the same except I decided to go with a fairy drawn by my gdaughter Kat. She gave me 2 choices:

Decisions - decisions...

Here's a short passage - Hortense has fallen asleep in her recliner - woke up in the wee hours - went to the bathroom and is now headed to bed"

"She walked out the bathroom door towards her bed. Halfway there, she walked through an ice cold patch of air.
     "What the hell..." she turned and looked where she had felt the cold air. She turned back around and almost collided with someone. She exhaled sharply, clutched her heart and said, "Norah, geez what are you doing here? You scared me to dea..." She stopped breathing, eyes wide, mouth open, staring at the person in front of her. 
     Her pale, transclucent face was surrounded by hair so dark brown it was almost black. Soft pink lips sat below a thin, straight nose. Her big, blue eyes looked bigger, bluer, yet distant, covered in a film as if seen from far away. "Norah is that you?"
     The vision went black for a second and she heard Norah's voice say, "yes, it's me." Then the vision came back.
     "But..." she stuttered, "wait," she shook her head trying to clear it, "you're still dead, right?"
     The vision went black again. "Yep. Still dead." The vision came clear again."
Felt good to write again.
What are you writing; drawing; painting; sewing; knitting; etc, etcing lately?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Followup on Julia Cameron

Back in April I wrote a blogpost about Julia Cameron's book The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size.

To simplify - one of Julia's premises is that creative people become overweight because they overeat when they postpone creating or neglect to create.
The last few days have been different than my normal routine. I had more time off than usual and I had the house to myself.

I filled this time by going on a writing binge. Monday night, Tuesday 24/7 and during the early hours of Wednesday I wrote for a while, stopped to nap, wrote for a while, ate something, wrote for a while, moved around some - you get the idea.

Anywho - Wednesday and Thursday I did not feel compelled to write. I was sated on putting together words to form story - again you get the idea.

Rethinking this in terms of Julia's premise - All 3 days my eating was no better or worse than usual and my willingness to 'move' was no better or worse than usual.

I think the conclusion I come to is - it's just not that simple. It is not a matter of an instance of delayed creativity creates an instance of overeating.

I do believe that long-term avoidance of creativity for the creative person results in lots of negative things, possibly including overeating.

And I also believe that there is value in Julia's book.

Does your creativity or lack thereof effect your eating habits?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

from one of Hortense's journals

Drew -

For a very long time you've walked beside me
Though you might venture off the trail one way and I another
Soon our passageway would intersect again and continue forward
This time it's different
We've chosen to travel different paths
We're trying not to lose sight of each other
Clinging to those moments when our pathways overlap
Forcing a road through thorny bushes just to be together
How long can this go on?

Or am I being melodramatic?
Letting the cherry wine speak for me?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

From the mostly fictional world of Hortense Taylor...

I saw a ghost today.
She used to be my neighbor, Norah.
At first she scared the yellow water out of me.
Then she just gave me a headache;
blinking in and out.
I saw her. Then I heard her.
I saw her. Then I heard her.
I could not hear and see her at the same time.
Now I’m questioning my sanity.
Are people right?
Am I crazy?

Have you noticed people are abandoning their blogs left and right these days?

I'm not abandoning mine. I may go down to one blogpost per week on Tuesdays for a while because I hope to be working on a book and I've decided my main character is going to have a tumblr microblog.

Of course, I may post the microblogs on here, too, so there could be little mini-blogs like the one above written by Hortense Taylor or other book characters.

What do you think - are blogs on the way to becoming extinct?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

from meme to you you

Looking for some inspiration on pinterest - found these:

I know my sense of humor is bizarre.

MMMM Cherry Garcia - wait - where were we - oh yeah...

Nothing better than a really bad pun - in this case a bad graphic pun.

Dr. Bernie Siegel who wrote Love, Medicine and Miracles, says laughter is like jogging for your heart.

What's putting your heart in motion today?

Friday, July 12, 2013

untitled poem

Restless me
I shift focus often
Yesterday’s passion
Once second nature
No longer lures me
Dead fish float
I fight against the current;
I live
by fictional character - Hortense Taylor

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Peter and Vivi

My dear friend, Peter Gallo, married the lovely Vivi-Soyeon Park.
They made a home in Albuquerque, NM called the Kimchi Farm.
Magical things happen at the Kimchi Farm:
vegetables are grown:
chickens are raised:
progress is made in keeping the Earth habitable for humans and making the United States a more just, honorable country (they are activists whom I very much admire for living the change they want to see in the world):
and Vivi paints beautiful, colorful, spirit-lifting paintings. She gave me permission to share some with you.

by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
by Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo
Peter & Vivi-Soyeon Park Gallo;
an HEA* in the making.
*HEA = happily ever after

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's here! It's here!

Saturday right before I had to leave for work - the mail person brought me something wonderful -

My Kindle!

I love it.

I have gone through the users manual. I have ordered a book* and read it. I have read a book that was already in my archives and am about to order the third book in that series**.

I like reading it. I like the fact that it is so light weight. I got the cheapest version - except I paid the twenty dollars for no popups - and I like the E-ink.


*Actually Barbara Samuel O'Neal's wonderful novella, The True Story of Mattie Groves. It was very good.

**A serial that I haven't talked about yet but I will get to it because it is a little different and y'all will like it.