Tuesday, July 23, 2013

From the mostly fictional world of Hortense Taylor...

I saw a ghost today.
She used to be my neighbor, Norah.
At first she scared the yellow water out of me.
Then she just gave me a headache;
blinking in and out.
I saw her. Then I heard her.
I saw her. Then I heard her.
I could not hear and see her at the same time.
Now I’m questioning my sanity.
Are people right?
Am I crazy?

Have you noticed people are abandoning their blogs left and right these days?

I'm not abandoning mine. I may go down to one blogpost per week on Tuesdays for a while because I hope to be working on a book and I've decided my main character is going to have a tumblr microblog.

Of course, I may post the microblogs on here, too, so there could be little mini-blogs like the one above written by Hortense Taylor or other book characters.

What do you think - are blogs on the way to becoming extinct?


  1. Nah. I think people are just busy. Or, like me, just kind of stuck and not sure what to say. It'll pick back up again.

    1. Hopefully you're right cause there's some blogs out there that I really enjoy.