Wednesday, July 24, 2013

from one of Hortense's journals

Drew -

For a very long time you've walked beside me
Though you might venture off the trail one way and I another
Soon our passageway would intersect again and continue forward
This time it's different
We've chosen to travel different paths
We're trying not to lose sight of each other
Clinging to those moments when our pathways overlap
Forcing a road through thorny bushes just to be together
How long can this go on?

Or am I being melodramatic?
Letting the cherry wine speak for me?


  1. I'd say Hortense is only being melodramatic if your partner doesn't have any idea what she's talking about. But what do I know? I tend to be melodramatic myself. :)

    1. She speaks of someone who is becoming not her lover because she is about to meet her real, true love.

  2. In cherry wine there is truth? Hortense sounds like an interesting character.

    1. Interesting yes and complex but in a good way.

  3. From the last post (that I missed):

    no one I know has stopped blogging.
    So, I'm okay.
    Hope you are too.

    Also? These journal entries are very intriguing. And ya know, ghosts.

    1. yes - ghosts - i love that about modern gothic romance novels.