Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Black Windows reboot

I have restarted Black Windows (modern gothic romance novel).

I discarded what I have already written, sat with the story for some time and have written new passages.

I have also changed the cast some:

The placekeeper for Mimi Cruse Hortense Taylor is now Sandrine Kiberlain.

Unfortunately just now when I went to retrieve a picture of Donovan Sawyer Goodeve I saw that Ben Barnes is not a good placekeeper for him. He needs to be a little more mischievous looking.

The new placekeeper for villain Lee Wilson is Jeff Kober.

Doesn't he look so very villain-y?
Everything else is pretty much the same except I decided to go with a fairy drawn by my gdaughter Kat. She gave me 2 choices:

Decisions - decisions...

Here's a short passage - Hortense has fallen asleep in her recliner - woke up in the wee hours - went to the bathroom and is now headed to bed"

"She walked out the bathroom door towards her bed. Halfway there, she walked through an ice cold patch of air.
     "What the hell..." she turned and looked where she had felt the cold air. She turned back around and almost collided with someone. She exhaled sharply, clutched her heart and said, "Norah, geez what are you doing here? You scared me to dea..." She stopped breathing, eyes wide, mouth open, staring at the person in front of her. 
     Her pale, transclucent face was surrounded by hair so dark brown it was almost black. Soft pink lips sat below a thin, straight nose. Her big, blue eyes looked bigger, bluer, yet distant, covered in a film as if seen from far away. "Norah is that you?"
     The vision went black for a second and she heard Norah's voice say, "yes, it's me." Then the vision came back.
     "But..." she stuttered, "wait," she shook her head trying to clear it, "you're still dead, right?"
     The vision went black again. "Yep. Still dead." The vision came clear again."
Felt good to write again.
What are you writing; drawing; painting; sewing; knitting; etc, etcing lately?


  1. Oooh, a ghost! I love ghosts. *shivers in delight*

    Me? I'm plowing ahead on the next book (THE BIG FIX), and working on a Ciel Halligan short that will come out sometime between QUICK FIX and THE BIG FIX. And trying to stay sane in a crazy summer.

  2. I can go either way with a ghost story, altho I devoured them as a kid. I like this passage; it gave me chills.

  3. Right, so I just commented and it disappeared. Fine. Now you know I read this, and don't have much going on.

  4. @ Linda - and I'm shivering in anticipation of the short and The Big Fix. Lucky me won an arc of Quick Fix so I've read it already.

    @Skye - I like my version of modern gothic romances. Now if I could just finish writing another one.

    @Julie - I hate it when that happens with a comment I've put thought into.