Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rock Chicks - are you ready for Revolution?

Cause it is OUT! And it is ggggoooooooodddd!!!!

There's some cheese. But it just shows us that Kristen Ashley does cheesy as well as she does everything else. Which is freaking fantastic; that's how well.

We knew Ally Nightingale was badass. Now we know Ally Nightingale is a BADASS.

We knew she was a Rock Chick. Now we know, she's her own, different from any of the others, version of ROCK CHICK.

We knew Ren was a sexy alpha male. Now we know Ren is his own, different from any of the others, version of SEXY ALPHA MALE.

We knew we wanted to know more about Darius. Now we do. And we LOVE him.

There's laugh out loud funny. There's actual crying sad. There's INSERT YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT HERE sweet.

There's the usual gratuitous sex; liberal dropping of curse words including the f-bomb and coffee.

It's Rock Chick fast-moving, blink and you missed something pace.

And the epilogue - oh my the epilogue.


I said




Get over it. Or better yet - get into it.

Because it left my soul settled about all my favorite characters.

And I'm not sad that Revolution is the last Rock Chick book.

I know I've got more Kristen Ashley coming.

More Chaos. More Colorado Mountain Man. More Fantasyland. More Unfinished Heroes. More the Burg.

More whatever Kristen Ashley gets up to.

And, it's all good, my sisters. All good.

What's all good for you these days?

PS the books in the Rock Chick series stand alone but I wouldn't start with Revolution. There are too many wonderful tie-ins to the other Rock Chick books and you'll miss good stuff if you start with Revolution. Start anywhere else but preferably start with the book that started it all; Rock Chick.



  1. Stop beating around the bush. Did you like these books or not? *grin*

  2. Oh I guess I like them a little *grin*