Friday, August 30, 2013

workout motivation challenges

In December I'm going on vacation to San Diego. Got my tickets. Got my time off. Can't wait.

I decided I need to be in better shape because sometimes you have to make unexpected long, fast walks in airports. And I'll want to walk on the beaches. And in San Diego you park somewhere and then you walk a long way to your destination.

I set myself a routine. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday  I walk outside in the sunshine and heat. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I do a workout I designed to create the marvel of after burn in my body. Saturday (my long day at work) off.

For several weeks now I have managed to do at least 5 out of 6 of my scheduled workouts. Usually 6. On the weeks where I missed one it was the Friday one. Maybe because for some Thursday nights my insomnia is at it's worst for some reason.

Now this week I have REALLY STRUGGLED. Monday I never did make myself workout. Tuesday I did but it was really hard. Then Thursday I skipped, too.

This makes me so sad because I have had this really strong motivation and I feel it fading even though the desire to be more in shape for my trip is still there.

Today I did my workout soon after getting up.

I was in the mood for Neil Young so I put him on and let him get me through. And he did.

Thanks Neil.

Here is Harvest Moon one of my favorite Neil Young songs:

Do you workout? If so, what keeps you motivated? What do you do when you feel your motivation flagging?


  1. I don't workout. I rarely even walk. The last few months I was in houston, I was doing little exercises every day, and bigger exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, etc.) nearly every day. However, I haven't done them since I started packing for the move. I used to do it because I wanted to be mobile and in good condition again. I have to find my motivation again.

    Good luck on remotivating yourself and keeping it going! It's totally worth it! Don't be like my friend who had three heart attacks and a triple bypass surgery before actually making real changes. (And I need to tell that to myself, too.)

  2. I've been going through the same things, Judy. So hard on myself for the slight weight gain over the summer months. It's so hot here that the motivation to work out is difficult.
    I finally re-read some notes I'd made in my journal and the main one was my wish to be healthy. I'm using that as my guide now. No worry over the scale, or even how my clothes fit. The pressure is off. Just do one thing per day that increases my overall health.

    LOVE Harvest Moon!

  3. Ugh. Motivation is the hardest part of any workout regimen for me. It's so much easier to read a book. I can see where Neil would be helpful, though. :)

    1. @Skye - Your friend is a good reminder for me that working out is not just about weight loss.

      @Robena - I do the hard-on-myself thing, too. It's a hard habit to break.

      @Linda - Of course, perfection would be reading The Big Fix with Neil Young playing in the background.