Thursday, October 10, 2013

Imagine Uncle Arthur from Bewitched...

saying Busy...Busy...Busy...

Working overtime.

Decorating my desk for Halloween.


Reading some more.

Reading again.

Freezing jars of salsa and tomatoes.

Is everyone else busy?


  1. Yes. Me too. I've got one book overdue, shit. And a stack of paperbacks that are staring me in the face. Then, a request item showed up EARLY! (Unthinkable.) Plus, some kid issues. And therapy homework I keep putting off. And, we're going to try selling our camper, which needs cleaning out.........

  2. Oh goodness yes. I'm a couple of weeks behind on the (theoretical) writing schedule, need to pull out what's left in the garden and plant next year's garlic, clean the pellet stove, put up the last of the basil into pesto and round two of the applesauce (my crappy trees are having a banner year), do the clothing change-over for the cold weather, and *runs off, hyperventilating*

  3. Glad it's not just me going, going, going crazy.

  4. Nope, pretty chill over here. To balance out your craziness. ;-)