Wednesday, October 16, 2013

'In Death'

For years I have resisted J. D. Robb because Nora Roberts was never my cup of tea.

Then in one of the adverts that amazon sends me, there was a promo for Robb's 'In Death' series.

I thought, I'll try one.

I read the first one, Naked In Death and really loved it.

I love the heroine, Eve Dallas, New York cop.

I love her love interest, Roarke, millionaire shady businessman.

I love how they interact with each other.

The secondary characters are also flawed and lovable.

Of course, the plots are great. Nora / J.D has had lots of experience putting plots together.

I went to see how many more books in the series. 34 so far. 34 In Death books people.

I've read # 2, Glory In Death and # 3 Immortal In Death.

Both excellent.

I don't know if I will make it through 34 but I'm going for more. We'll see how far I get.

What is the longest series of books you have ever read?


  1. Thirty-four? THIRTY-FOUR??? Geez, I think I'll just retire now...

  2. Wow. 34? I've read them all .... So I guess this makes the longest series I've ever read! And yes, I enjoy them quite a bit. They were actually my gateway drug into romance, if you can believe it. I found the sex very hot when I first started reading them. Unfortunately, they always have sex in pretty much the same set of ways in each book. So eventually, I started skipping over the sex parts (but probably not until book 20, I'm sure!). But the stories are terrific! She got lazy at one point, but the last few have picked right up again. So glad you like them!

  3. @Linda - You can't let the productivity of some discourage you. JAK is also untouchable when it comes to this subject. I appreciate a good series no matter how long or short.
    @Skye - funny you should say that about the sex. I am reading Rapture In Death and the scene where they couldn't make it into the house but tore each others clothes off on the front lawn had me laughing myself silly.

  4. I usually peter out after book 4 or 5 in a series -- I'm shallow like that, lol. I think I've only read two or three of these books, but I know I enjoyed them. It was a long time ago.


  5. What Susanne said- I also usually peter out somewhere around book 4 or 5, although I usually make it until 7 or 8 before I realize I've lost interest. The "In Death" series is the exception for me, though. As long as I don't read too many of them in a row, I am still enjoying them-- I think I"m up to #12 or 13 now. If I try to read several in a row, I start to get REALLY irritated at how Roarke, billionaire leader of the industrialized world, can always drop whatever he's doing to go help Eve solve a case. Seriously? I'll be curious to see if you end up liking Nora better after reading her as JDRobb-- I'd never read a Nora that I liked until I got hooked on the In Death books, now I've read half a dozen of her "regular" books that I thought were worth reading (try Northern Lights or Angels Fall).

  6. I'm still knee-deep in Lisa Kleypas books!!!!!

  7. @Susanne - I've gone further than that and still liked them enough to read though there's usually something annoying that I have to ignore.
    @Barb - That may be bothersome about Roarke but this is fiction not fact and I hate it when a book couple doesn't spend time together. Also, Roarke reminds me of Fritz on The Closer though Eve Dallas is nothing like Brenda Lee.
    @Julie - deep in Kleypas's Friday Harbor series is a good place to be.

  8. I got to about book 7 in the Evanovich series. My longest is probably Louise Rennison's first series, but the books were short (shorter than the new series. Have you read book 2 by the way? I haven't yet.)

    1. I haven't read it. I did see it at the library but I haven't read it yet. So many books so little time.

    2. OMG I'm so glad I came back to check your replies, J3, because I did not know that Louise Rennison had a new series going! yay! off to check it out.

    3. The first book was definitely good. Hope you like it, Barb.