Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Blackest of Fridays

My nephew, Brandon Jennings died on 11/23/12, aka Black Friday, at the tender age of 26.
A year later and it still does not make sense.
There is no good answer as to why he died.
The person who killed him has not been held accountable.
The only thing that has been a constant is grief.
I miss him.
My brother, his father, misses him.
My sister-in-law, his mother misses him.
His brothers miss him.
Our whole family misses him.
His death served no purpose and caused great sorrow.
I am closing the comments because there is nothing that can be said to make things right and I certainly don’t want to hear any inane comments about people learning lessons at the expense of my nephews death.
I just wanted to witness the passing of this day.
Thank you for reading this.