Thursday, November 14, 2013

What would you do?

We’re having a cold snap here in rural Kentucky.

It’s so cold I was doing my bundle-up thing. I had on my warmest, softest type shirt that I sleep in, a long wrap around skirt and my Tinkerbell slipper socks inside out (because the seam at the toe isn’t comfortable).  This isn’t a pretty look. The shirt is pastel pink. The skirt is a very light Paris green floral print. The socks are blue. You get the jarring picture.

My Kindle needed charging and I was right in the middle of Jagged by Kristen Ashley which was just released on 11/5. I had an extension cord to the recliner, my Kindle, the charger cord and my glasses in reach.

I adjusted the pillows on the recliner just right. I got in and went back to just the perfect angle.

I registered that my body was the ultimate in comfortable. Not a single muscle fiber signaling discomfort.

I reached for the charging cord to hook up so I could charge and finish reading Jagged in complete warm cozy bliss.

Damned if I didn’t have the iphone charging cord instead of the Kindle.


What would you do at this point?

I’ll tell you what I did. I refused to move a muscle. I knew 2 things: I could probably take a short nap and I would probably wake up having to pee. It was inevitable that whatever else I did in 2 hours or less I would have to break my comfortable position for a trip to the facilities.

So I stayed put. I napped. I woke up. I took my trip. I wandered around the house a bit stretching out the limbs. I located the Kindle charging cord.

I set myself up in the recliner again. Comfortable but not quite as comfortable as the first set up.

I finished reading Jagged.

Jagged was good. Very good. Not as good on the first read as the rest of the Colorado Mountain series but still very enjoyable reading. And one thing I’ve noticed about Kristen Ashley books is – sometimes they’re better with the second reading. Like homemade soup or chili on the second day.

Don’t you hate it when you’re as comfortable as you can possibly get and you realize you need to move for some reason?


  1. Maybe I will give "Jagged" another go. I too found it lacking and not up to par. Maybe you would love the book, "A Thousand Years of Johnny Von" by author Edith M. Cortese? It's one of my new favorites. It’s not your typical romantic comedy. It’s full of love story(-ies), but Estella ends single and content!

  2. Once I'm all cozy, I don't want to move for anything. I visit the bathroom before I settle in for a nap. I consider whether or not I think I'm going to receive a regular phone call during my nap and adjust the phone volume accordingly. I think you definitely did the right thing!

    I have the added coziness factors of a thick throw blanket, a gas fireplace, and a big fluffy cat napping somewhere in the room (they simply radiate "settle in and get cozy" vibes; and napping vibes).

  3. @LM - I know, right?
    @Robyn - sounds like an intriguing book. I'll make it my next 'break' book. I'm reading the Eve Dallas series by J.D.Robb and I need a break with a different book sometimes.
    @Skye - yeah I love that about cats.

  4. I would have sat a while and done a quick meditation. Then flipped through some crap on my phone. Putting off the inevitable..... getting up again.

    Grr, yes. The Worst!

    Napping was an excellent choice.
    Good call.