Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'll be at the beach - I'll be at the beach - I'll be at the beach

10 days and counting...

Feel free to express your envy in the comments.


  1. Which beach? For how long? Yes, I am completely envious! During a visualization this morning (which always wanders off from my main point -- go figure!) I realized that it is always easier to love myself when I am standing by the ocean. I hope you have a great time and love yourself and everyone around you with a whole heart!

  2. I'm going to San Diego - so many beaches.
    I love myself at the desert, too.

    1. Something about that vastness, stretching outwards, perhaps? The visual of standing in a desert has reached inside of me, too, now. (I lived in a high-altitude desert while I finished high school and for the first 3 summers when the university was out.

      So are you going to clothing-optional Blacks Beach? Or the more conventional Torrey Pines (?) Beach that connects to it? (My BFF to me: See that guy over there in the cowboy hats and boots? He's not wearing anything in between them ....")