Sunday, December 8, 2013


A couple of funnies and a good deal for you while I wait for my days in the sun...

(photo by Jason Adair)

Do I know any jokes about sodium?


(I'm still laughing thanks to the Other 98 % on facebook)

The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.

(Susan Elizabeth Phillips put that one on facebook.)

Lilliana Hart's book Kill Shot is 1.99 on amazon for kindle until 12/22. I haven't read it but I bought it to read later. I blogged about how much I am enjoying her Whiskey series here. Also you can preorder Lilliana's 'A Christmas Wish: Dane' for 99 cents for kindle on amazon. It will be here 12/10.

Are you in a holding pattern until xmas?

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  1. No holding pattern here! I'm crocheting madly. In fact, quite madly right now because I've had to frog both mitts, one 10 rows, the other one 22 rows, out of 30. Oh well, they go fast, so I might get the basic fabric for the first mitt finished --- again --- tonight, then tomorrow I can finish off these mitts and start the next. Yes, mitts. Mitts, mitts, it's all mitts for xmas, except for my nephew's cap, my one housemate's dishcloths, and whatever I make for the grownups of the other 2 families. Or maybe I'll buy them something good to eat. :)