Friday, December 6, 2013


While I'm counting down my days to the beach - here is a pic of my daughter and gkids innovative, cute xmas tree:

Will you be putting up a tree this year?


  1. Exciting count-down, I am so very happy for you! Beach trips make EVERYone joyous.

    Yes, we do a Yule Tree every year. My (adult) children like decorating it, love dragging out all the old ornaments and remembering the stories about each one. I just like how the house smells! Although, sadly, we did discover that that beloved aroma is really the scent of our tree dying in the house. Mixed emotions. But we can't seem to stop ourselves.

  2. That is cute. I married a Jewish man and converted, and even though I've been divorced for 20+ years, I've never gotten back into the tree thing. I like them and admire other peoples, just not into it myself. But then I'm not big on any decorations or holidays.

  3. I love decorating for the holidays, I just haven't done in years. My ornaments are in storage in Oregon, and now of course I'm living in someone else's house. However, I am assertively suggesting that they put up a tree and we decorate it! And for all the years I've been here at or near Christmas, we have gone to the local botanical gardens and seen their lights; simply amazing!

    I love your little flat Christmas tree! I may have to try that once I'm living alone. Sure doesn't take up much floor space!

  4. @Julie - It's certainly making me joyous.
    @Robena - I'm not big on decorating either.
    @Skye - bet the botanical gardens are beautiful.