Monday, December 2, 2013

The countdown has begun...

Getting so, so excited.

In 13 days I will be on a plane on my way to the beach and to visit with my brother!

I will be here:

Blacks beach.

I will be here:

Pacific beach.

I will be here:

Mission beach.

I will be here:

Sunset Cliffs.

I will be here:

Encinitas beach.

And I will be watching the Xmas tree sway here:

Ocean beach.

I will not be here:

Can. Not. Wait.

What's ahead for you  that puts the wiggle in your happy dance?


  1. Isn't Blacks Beach a clothing-optional beach? If it is the one in La Jolla, it's definitely that one.

    What puts the wiggle in my happy dance? New, warm clothing, courtesy of my benefactress. Yarn. Yarn, yarn, yarn!!! Crocheting things for other people. The Piano Guys. The beach (Oregon Coast). Spending time with the girlfriends or with my nephew or niece.

  2. People sometimes try to be nude at Blacks but it is not legally a clothing optional beach and they are frequently arrested or at least asked to dress. It is not an easy beach to get to as it requires either going down the side of a rather steep cliff or walking a couple miles along the shore from La Jolla beach - which is definitely not clothing optional. I lived in SD for 5 years and never encountered a clothing-optional beach.

  3. Sounds wonderful, and the weather is nice. : ) Just got back from Australia and thought it would be winter, but seriously, just lovely. Have a great time!

  4. Just finishing my WIP in November has put a huge wiggle in my happy dance. Whew! Now I can enjoy the holidays with my family without freaking out.

    Your beach vacay sounds sublime! Enjoy every minute of it. :)