Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of mind update:

I am not finding my way to sit in front of my computer very often lately.

I am also not finding that much to say about the books I'm reading.

Therefore, I won't be posting here very often.

I can sometimes, though rarely be found here on facebook.

And I can sometimes be found here on tumblr. Although I don't know how to use tumblr well so...

If I have something to say - y'all will be the first to know!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Is that a light I see ahead at the end of this tunnel?

Flu is pretty much over. Big sigh of relief. Going back to work tonight. Blech.

I am wording these mamby-pamby sentences about writing again and I realize I should be bolder.


Actually I'm in the planning, mostly in my head, stage at this time. It's going to happen, though.

It's not the usual time of the year for it, but, it would seem I'm leaving some things behind.

So long flu - and some other things that just need to go.

Of course, vacuums must be avoided so good things are coming in to replace the things gone.

Hello new book and some other things that are welcome in my life.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A little sunshine, a lot of flu

Yes, I have it. This year's flu. And it is not pleasant.

Happily there is sunshine coming in through all the windows of the house and not that gloomy shit that was hanging around for days.

I can get through anything with a little sunshine. Even the flu.

How about you? You doing okay?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hate is not too strong a word...

To the crew taking down trees for the electric company -


As a night shift worker I try to be understanding when people are making noise at 8am. And tolerant when they are making noise at 9am.

But waking me out of a sound sleep at 6:49am with your very loud chipper machine and chain saw and leaf blower IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.



And it doesn't even make logical sense. It has been single digits for a couple of days now. It wasn't quite 20 degrees when you were being assholes outside my window. Today is getting steadily warmer.

Why the hell would you choose to work that early on a day like this?

I don't think I'm being unreasonable to expect to be able to sleep until 8am undisturbed unless there is an emergency.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Back from vacation but GONE TROPICAL!!!

With Robena Grant...

Her new book, Gone Tropical, met my new years resolution of making fun my bitch. It was a fun read.

It was especially fun to read as an American knowing that Robena is Australian. The book is set in Australia and I enjoyed learning some authentic lingo, food and customs while reading this contemporary romantic comedy.

Jake, our hero, orders a 'flat white' in the hotel café where he first meets Amy, our heroine.

This is what Wikipedia says about a flat white: "A flat white is a coffee beverage developed in Australia and New Zealand in the 1980s. It is prepared by pouring microfoam (steamed milk from the bottom of a pitcher) over a single or double shot of espresso (sometimes ristretto espresso). It is somewhat similar to the cappucino, latte and the café au lait although smaller in volume, therefore having a higher proportion of coffee to milk, and milk that is more velvety in consistency."

The supporting characters are colorful and fun as well. Sarge is Jake's cohort.

"Sarge snapped his fingers and leaned forward, eyes sparkling. "I've just had a bloody beaut idea."

The path that Jake and Amy take to find her embezzling snake of an ex-husband and fall in love with each other is definitely not a straight path. It's a crooked winding road full of potholes and obstacles.

But it's sexy. And funny.

And the book is a really enjoyable read.

Go for it y'all!!!


Speaking of enjoyable reads - Kristen Ashley's Law Man is today's* kindle daily deal for 99cents.

I read it. I read it again. I will probably read it again at some point.

*(Friday 1/3/14)

What do you think, dear readers, flat whites for everyone?

I just got a Fidalgo Bay gift certificate.