Saturday, February 8, 2014

A couple of laughs and more Liliana Hart...

The weather is abysmal here right now.  I can't get in and out of my drive or my road at home so I have been staying at my daughters because from her house I can get back and forth to work.

Last night I came home to her house after work at 1a.m. Everyone was in bed so I went to the living room where I have been sleeping and started changing into my jammies.

I was half un-dressed when psycho cat Bob came and dropped a live mouse about two feet from me. He was playing the chase and torture before killing game with the mouse. I held back a scream as I didn't want to wake everyone, flew through the rest of the clothes-changing and got quickly into the recliner with my feet up.

The cat and mouse war waged on.

Meanwhile, Eddie, the J.R.Terrier who looks like Frasier's dad's dog came out of my daughter's room and took a dump on the floor in the hall at the entry to the kitchen.

No way I was getting down into the cat and mouse battleground to clean that up. I looked around and within easy reach was a lovely Rose Hips and Peony scented candle and some matches. I lit the candle and determined to remember if anyone came through to the bathroom I would have to warn them about the dog mess.

Then shortly after that I forgot all about everything.

I was absorbed in the third book in the J.J.Graves series  by Liliana Hart:
Dirty Little Secrets
A Dirty Shame
Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

I have now finished the series so far and will have to wait until November of this year for the next Jaye and Jack book. Sad. Because it's a very good series.

I talked about her other Whiskey Rebellion series and how good it was here. Sadly there will not be another one of these books until August of this year.

She does have another series, though...

Thank you, Liliana, for getting me through a bizarre night.

Anyone else have cabin fever?


  1. Gee, what a lovely night. Did you get any sleep? Amazing what fun animals are, except when they aren't. Our Plum isn't much of a hunter --- won't even go after a moth. He wouldn't have the slightest interest in a mouse. Good thing we don't have any (knock wood).

  2. I was waiting for this story to end "And I was so absorbed in my book that I forgot to warn my daughter about the poop when she got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom."

  3. @Skye - knock wood indeed
    @LM - hehehe she would have killed me