Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sarah-Kate Lynch has done it again...

I just finished reading The Wedding Bees. I am, as usual, blown away.

Can anyone besides S-KL ever create a novel character who is a bee? Elizabeth the 6th is definitely a quirky, lovable character.

I loved Sugar and Theo. I loved all the flawed wonderful characters in the apartment building at 33 Flores in Manhattan. I loved George the volunteer doorman.

The story was compelling. The ending was uplifting.

Of course, I expected nothing less from Lynch. I have attempted to give her her just desserts, baklava perhaps, in the form of praise for a couple of her other books, Dolci di Love, here; and By Bread Alone, here.

I have read all of her books and am eagerly anticipating the next one which is about a laughing yogi.

I can't recommend her enough, y'all.

Now having just finished The Wedding Bees I think I'll go have a cup of my new favorite Irish Breakfast tea (not mentioned in the book) with lots of honey.


  1. I just finished it last week !!! HOLY FREAKING HELL do I ever adore that woman and her writing!

    YES!!! Of course she's writing about laughing yoga, that whole experience on the beach when they traveled to India was her inspiration!


    (Yes, this was overly punctuated and capitalized, but hey, it's Sarah-Kate.)

    1. I know. It makes me so happy to read her blog about how she is coming up with these things and travel with her vicariously.

  2. Sounds positively charming! (And now I have to go fix myself a cup of tea with honey.)