Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is happening with Sarah Wynde (one of my fave authors) these days?

My first venture into a world created by Sarah Wynde was my read of a book titled A Gift of Ghosts. I wrote this blogpost about the book which I loved.

Then, of course, being a compulsive series reader, I followed her down the Tassamara path for 2 more books and a short story. (Tassamara being the world she created for these books.)

A Gift of Ghosts
A Gift of Thought
A Gift of Time
The Spirits of Christmas

They are all available in eform. A Gift of Ghosts is currently free on amazon if you have a kindle and you want to be transported to a slightly different world.

So what is she up to now?

Creating a new world: Sia Mara

You can read her first efforts on

You can also go onto her blog and sign up for her mailing subscription list and get a free short story set in Tassamara.

An hour spent reading any of Sarah's work is an hour enjoyed.

If you haven't ventured into Tassmara yet, I highly recommend a day trip.

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