Monday, April 21, 2014

Relaxing day...

On the holiday we all went to my daughters and hung out. We had a potluck-y type of barbecue. Then we had a fire in the firepit to sit around.

It was a lovely relaxing day.

Which I needed as I have been doing nothing but working lately. We are okayed for as much overtime as we want to work and I have a used motor for my van to pay for and a new recliner to buy so - I've been at work.

Work means being at the computer so I haven't spent much time here even when I was home.

Also, I haven't bought many books to read because of the heartbleed computer virus thing. Waiting to be sure amazon is clear.

I have been re-reading when I read. I re-read the Burg series by Kristen Ashley. And I re-read In The Midnight Rain by Barbara Samuel.

What have you been up to? Been reading? Re-reading?


  1. Glad you managed a relaxing day away from work! A barbecue and sitting around a fire pit sounds divine. :)

    1. Hope your holiday was relaxing and fun, as well.