Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's talk about books - baby ...

Melissa Bourbon Ramirez is the author of the Magical Dressmaking cozy mystery series. I read the most recent book, # 5 in the series, A Killing Notion.

The series is still good. The characters and their relationships are still fresh. The romance still draws me in and is sweet without all the mechanisms that are so often employed. The basic mystery is compelling and not a rerun of the other mysteries.

I really enjoyed it.

I've talked about this series here and here.

So far the books in order are:
Pleating For Mercy
A Fitting End
Deadly Patterns
A Custom-Fit Crime
A Killing Notion

Looking forward to the next one.

Kristen Ashley never disappoints me. I read her most recent book, the start of her new Magdalene series, The Will. It's different from her other stuff and yet I loved it just as much.

The main male character is a thrice divorced boxer with 3 kids who lives in the town of Magdalene by the sea. The main female character starts out as a cold, (thought lovable even from the start) classy member of the fashion industry. Their romance sizzles and definitely engaged me.

I've talked about Kristen's work more times than I can list. Here and here are a couple of places.

I follow Kristen like the fangirl I am so you will continue to hear about her work.

Watchall been readin?


  1. I just finished beta-reading the ms of a friend, and I loved every page of it. It has a kick-ass old broad for an mc, which was refreshing. I'm hoping like heck her agent can sell it.

    1. Wow I hope so, too. Can't wait to read it. Keep us informed!

  2. Hey, thanks for coming by my blog. Hope you're doing well. I'd been thinking about you yesterday and I'd tried to find your blog but kept thinking it was novelworks. Duh. Anyway today I remembered it was listed on the side panel of Julie's (Urthalun) blog. I zipped over and found it. : ) Thanks, Julie!!!
    Read a book for book club that I think you'd love: Irreparable Harm, by Melissa F. Miller. I've never read her before but will again. Excellent.

  3. Always happy to get good recommendations! Thanks!

  4. Robena, you are so welcome! Yay for my Important Women links!

    J3 I just finished Johnny Weir's autobiography (super strong young man, has an excellent Mom), and am now reading Chris Moore's latest (The Serpent Of Venice), with the new Evanovich/Goldberg (The Chase) awaiting me next to the couch. Under that is Kerry's #2 Phryne Fisher.

  5. Julie - I haven't read the Phryne series but I love the Australian television series. Anxiously awaiting the release of season 2. I will get to the books one day for sure.