Friday, May 16, 2014

Mama was right...

Found this quote on pinterest but it wasn't attributed to anyone:

"A good book whore goes to bed with a different book every night."

(My mother was right - I am a whore!)

This one is from Richard Needham:

"For a well-rounded education, you could try curling up with good books and bad librarians."

(Oh those naughty librarians - do they come in male form? hehehe a little ping just went off in my head - maybe I need to write a hero who is a naughty male librarian.)

Natalie Goldberg said"

"If you read good books, when you write, good books should come out of you."

(If that's true, there should be a shelf somewhere filled with good books I've written. Of course, I have to actually put down a book and write first.)

Speaking of good books - just read the first two books in Natasha Anders 'The Unwanted Series'.
Book 1 - The Unwanted Wife
Book 2 - A Husband's Regret
Book 3 - His Unlikely Lover due out 6/17/14

So did you read the rest of my post or are you still picturing the naughty male librarian?


  1. You do know that being a librarian was my entire goal in life, all through my primary, middle, and high school years? And then, the school of librarianship at our local university closed, just before I was supposed to enroll.

    Instead, I had a batch of kids, and spent years as a library volunteer in all of their schools. And filled our house with books.

    Oh, yes please! Write the male librarian story!!!! (I knew a surly one once, his name was Dennis........)