Sunday, September 21, 2014

Equinox seems late...

Sept 23 this year. Wow.

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me,  fluttering from the Autumn tree." Emily Bronte

One month from today - October 21st - my VSG surgery is scheduled. Yikes! I'm getting excited. And nervous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blake, Clayton and Minchin

Two new book releases TODAY:
This book was proceeded by a novella titled Wickedly Magical that came out on August 5th. I loved the novella and anticipate loving the book. I plan on dedicating a whole post to this new series based on the ancient tales of the witch, Baba Yaga.
For now let me simply urge you to check them out yourself as they are good reading!
This is the third book in Claytons cocktail series. Fun, steamy, well written, lovable characters.
1 - Wallbanger   2 - Rusty Nailed   3 - Screwdrivered

I love comedian Tim Minchin. He is a funny, funny man whose comedy makes the world a better place.
Here is a song that I hope sticks in my head with good results:
Keep smiling, y'all!