Sunday, December 28, 2014

Old, New and Refashioned...

2014 has been a good year so far - 3 days left.

I read good books - the last one being Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga by Sarah-Kate Lynch. Here is a quote from it that I will be re-visiting many times in the coming year:

"I am an ordinary woman, Annie, just like you, but older. I cannot even put my ankles behind my ears. I never could. The only secrets I know are that if you keep your body moving and you know what is in your heart, your life will be better for it. It is not rocket science." Heavenly Hirani aka Sarah-Kate Lynch

There are so many good books to look forward to in 2015!!!

I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery for weight reduction on 10/21/14. So far I've reduced my weight by 56 lbs.  I am walking and moving easier.

My clothes are getting loose and I don't plan on going out to buy new clothes. Instead I plan on embracing thrift stores and learning the skill of refashioning or upcycling clothes. If you aren't familiar, put either of those terms in pinterest and prepare to lose some time being fascinated.

As usual I am thinking about writing in the new year. Will I just think about it or actually complete a book this time?

Other things I anticipate:
time with my kids, grandkids, family
learning to cook mini meals
becoming a dedicated walker

Any thoughts about your coming year?


  1. I commented on the last post but it didn't show up.

    No luck with the book at our library, I've put in a "request to purchase" form.

    No year, new books!

  2. Julie - I would send it to you but it's on my kindle. Hope the library gets it soon. Sorry about your comment.